Fitness Friday: Running Post-Baby

10 Months ago I stopped running - mainly because I felt like Aiden was gonna fall out.

I didn't run again until 4 weeks after I had him, well not run, walked. Slowly. THAT was tough actually, so I was very very very worried about my running abilities.

6 Weeks after I had him I went for my first run outdoors and I was humbled by my lack of endurance. I get that I just had a baby, but I really thought I would have a little somethin' left inside, 6 miles isn't bad at all, but I literally wanted to cry for the last 3 and I had to run my happy ass back home or I would have quit. That was 6 months ago.

4 months ago I was not even confident enough to run the entire 9.3 miles around the lake.

3 Months ago I was finally getting in 10 miles, with struggle. Lots and lots of struggle.

6 weeks ago I finally got the feeling that I COULD do a marathon and not die, before that I was faking it hoping I could make it.

Last Saturday I felt amazing on my 18 mile run, even 'red pony' girl didn't get to me :)

I mean - I was only slightly pissed about the hills all over the route, but I even ran up this one at freaking mile 17.5 - that's just mean.

Today I feel good, my pace is improving, my runs are getting easier and easier. I'm getting stronger.

The point I'm trying to make is that if I can do this anyone can do this (granted you WANT to). I don't have some magic will power inside of me, I just have determination. 6 months ago I was winded just walking. Do you know how I changed that? Consistency.

I set a goal for myself. It wasn't a marathon at first -- it was just to run until it didn't suck anymore. Then I thought - hey, maybe let's do a half in a few months. Then someone mentioned the marathon and I was scared. Real real scared that I wouldn't be able to, in fact I didn't even sign up for it when it was cheap. I had to settle my fears and know that I have it in me to do hard things. The training is pretty intense, it's waking up at 4:30 even on the weekends, it's struggling with the scale despite all my hard work, and all in the name of accomplishing something awesome.

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