This VoxBox Gives You More Family Time on Labor Day

Which is what matters!

Eating with the family is one of the highlights of your day, so why not savor the time by simply by using the dishwasher instead of tedious hand-washing? That's where Finish Quantum comes in. The good news: We're sending out the #FinishReluciente VoxBox to 7,500 lucky Influensters to try out! 

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We know what you're thinking: "But I can wash dishes better than any dishwasher can!"

That may be true, but here are what your fellow Influensters had to say about Finish Quantum:

"It doesn't leave residue."

This is the only thing that will work in our dishwasher. All the others that we have tried leave a residue on our dishes. Totally worth whatever price you have to pay. I wish they would come in a tub rather than a bag, most the time my hands are wet from rinsing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. -Haylea L.

"Perfect for my household of 5."

"This product seems to work exceptionally well for my household of 5. I did try two different loads, one with really heavy cleaning needs and one with very little cleaning. Both loads came out sparkling clean and not even cloudy. A little pricey but VERY worth it." -Danielle M.

"Great for grilling."

"These pods are a life savor! My boyfriend loves to grill and get things way more messier than they need to be, and these pods wash it all away in the dishwasher! Never fail to make the dishes super clean!" -Madison P.

Did you know that using your dishwasher is also actually more environmentally friendly than hand-washing? That's because a dishwasher only heats up and uses as much water as needed to keep your tableware clean. Studies show that when washing a 12 place table setting, dishwashers use three to four times less water than washing by hand!

If you're not in this VoxBox, don't worry! Learn more about our VoxBox programs in this article.

What are simple things you like to do for the environment? Share in the comments!

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