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Are you super bummed summer is over? If you're like me you see very few positives in summer's ending. There is, however, a silver lining: fall premieres are just around the corner! Here at Influenster we love a good TV series. I bet you can find your new fall favorite below by scrolling through your old obsessions. Enjoy!


If you're a Showtime subscriber, get your remote ready for this delicious drama - set in the Hamptons like the ever-intriguing Revenge, this new show is told from alternating male and female perspectives. With a nod to the psychological themes of Masters of Sex, this show dives into the effects of infidelity on not only the involved individuals and their marriages, but the larger families as well.




Fans of New Girl and How I Met Your Mother will be delighted by this quirky new romance on NBC. Tune in to this romantic comedy starting in October for front-row seats of Andrew and Zelda's meet-cute and their budding relationship. Bonus points to NBC for making Andrew -the male character- the hopeless romantic!




While there have been a few networks that have hopped on the Modern Family -esque bandwagon with little comparative success, this new family comedy from NBC looks like a winner! The shows creators explained in interviews that at its heart it's a family show, and is much about race as it is about cultural identity. So, how will the family's patriarch, Dre, establish a sense of cultural identity for his family that honors their past and embraces their future?




Any superhero-loving fans anxious for the release of Batman vs Superman will be relieved to have CW's new show premiere in early October. The highly-anticipated spin-off adapts DC Comic's character, Flash, and chronicles his move from forensic investigator to a metahuman who uses his lightning speed to fight crime in the fictional Central City.



How to Get Away with Murder

Spoiler alert: this show has the same producer as Scandal AND Grey's Anatomy... But the trailer alone should get you excited for ABC's legal thriller: Viola Davis stars as the inimitable professor of Criminal Law 100 at Middleton, and what her students learn inside the classroom is no match for the real murder case they become wrapped up in.


Jane The Virgin

With a similar female-centric family feel as Gilmore Girls and the telenovela form of Ugly Betty, this new CW looks like so much fun. Fans will find that it's less dramatic than Gossip Girl (#phewf) and fall in love with Jane in no time. Get ready for your new Monday night favorite and watch as Jane navigates her crazy life when she finds she's been accidentally artificially inseminated... with her former crush's specimen... who is also now her new boss. And you thought your life was complicated?


Which shows are you most excited for this fall? Are there any that we missed? Comment below!!

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