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And you probably should.

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

You're about to be able to take your Fenty Beauty favorites with you wherever you go. (OK, you can do that now.) But it's a whole lot easier to tote your Fenty faves in your bag without having to stash your whole beauty bag. Just in time for holiday travel, Rihanna surprise dropped the Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face Set ($23.00, Sephora) for all of your traveling needs. 

The new release contains two of the brand's top products from the OG line—Gloss Bomb and Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Hu$tla Baby. In case you needed a reference, these two products are already Influenster favorites and make for perfect options for the first Fenty minis. Since their launch last fall, Gloss Bomb has become the #1 lip gloss on Influenster, and Killawatt has risen to the #6 spot for highlighters! The new mini duo will make it so easy to get that RiRi glow without taking up much space.

And as if that weren't enough to sell you on the kit. The Bomb Baby set is only $23 at Sephora, which is a true bargain considering Gloss Bomb is usually $18 and Killawatt is $34 for their respective full sizes. Now you can get both for less than $25—Rihanna, you've done it again!

But don't take our words for the quality of these goodies. See what Influensters are saying about both Gloss Bomb and Killawatt!

On Gloss Bomb:

"This is truly the most universal and beautiful gloss I’ve ever used. It’s so flattering, as a stand alone or as a topper over a matte lipstick. The colour is so subtle, a perfect peachy nude with lovely subtle gold glitter(so finely milled its only light that catches it). The gloss isn’t sticky or too thick. The applicator is comfortable and easy to use. The formula smells and tastes pleasant and the gloss itself doesn’t disappear like some other glosses I’ve tried. This is a staple in my makeup bag daily. Try it! If you like glosses you will love this one!!"

—Sarah K.

"THIS IS AN AMAZING LIP GLOSS! It is a perfect size and the shade is neutral but it is so beautiful on any skin tone. It totally surpassed my expectations. It is very easy to apply with it’s over sized applicator and it smells totally divine. It is not sticky like other lip glosses. This is a top ten that everyone must have in their stash."

—Ashanti M.

"The gloss bomb gives me a natural color and keeps my lips moist and comfortable at the same time. The color, the smell, the texture, the way it makes you feel, the packaging, the tube, everything YASSS! RiRi had it right when she named it “Gloss Bomb” because it really is BOMB"

Arlettey R.


On Killawatt: 

"I love these highlighters!! I love trophy wife but I didn’t purchase it because let’s be realistic I wouldn’t have used it as a highlighter only a eyeshadow and it would be a color to use with a particular color! I do have though the Moscow mule and hustla baby pack. I can’t get enough of those colors! I use the pink ones when I want my blush to pop and I’m not really highlighting my high points. The hustla baby I do use as my highlighter and also eyeshadow but that pack is my everyday makeup user. I don’t think they are pricey but I can tell you they are so worth every penny spent on them!"

—Lisa S.

"This highlighter is one of my favorite products from the Fenty line. It is long lasting, HIGHLY pigmented and provides good coverage and easy application. I also use this to highlight my brow bone and my collar bone when I want some extra shimmer. Each color is beautiful and different so no two highlighters are the same. As someone who has combo skin, this highlight is pretty good on my skin. Would definitely recommend it!"

—Briana S. 

"Love, love, love this highlighter! I love the packaging and the shades are gorgeous! I love the duo because one shade is more sheer and subtle (mean money) and the other is blinding (hu$la baby)! The color payoff is amazing and definitely worth it!"

—Emma Kate M.

Here's to hoping this is only the first of many Fenty minis!

Which Fenty Beauty products have you tried? Share your favorites below!

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