Your Guide to Fall Tech Shopping

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

Sure, you have gadgets and gizmos a plenty. But when an innovative new product pops onto the market promising to make life that much better, really—what's one more to add to the collection? If you're looking to up your tech game this fall, take a peek at some of the most innovative, practical, and downright cool gear on the market right now.

Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Nike+ ($369.99, Nike+ coming soon)

apple watch nike+

You can't talk about hot new tech launches this fall without mentioning the new and improved Apple Watch. The second edition contains a new faster, dual-core processor, improved battery life, and improvements to the sports functionality, including a water resistance rating of 50 meters. And come October 28, the new Apple Watch Nike+ will drop for all those runners out there. With built-in GPS, tracking your pace, distance, and route has never been easier.

Aera Home Fragrance Starter Set (Device and capsule, $189)

aera home fragrance device

What if we said your home could smell like the rich ink of a European library? What about a tropical paradise surrounded by lush gardenias? Now what if we told you that you could control the intensity and timing of fragrance dispersal from your phone? Aera, a new fragrance dispersing device, allows you to remotely control how much fragrance is infused into your home as well as when the scent is released—all via wifi and an accompanying app. With six luxury scents to choose from (no seriously, they're created by a top perfumer!) plus two new holiday ones, Aera is seriously setting the bar high. Your move, candles.

Orion Lab Onyx ($249.99 for a 2-pack)

orion labs onyx

When we first heard about the new wearable communication device, Onyx, from Orion Labs, our first thought was "Adult walkie-talkies!" The premise of the device is simple: Connect the lightweight, touch-to-talk device to the free Orion app, connect with your friends, touch the Onyx, and get to talking. Communicate with any friend who has an Onyx via your phone’s data or wifi connection for a simple, no-look talking experience. (You can just tap the device and start talking with friends. No buttons required!) And there's no limits on the number of people, conversations, or channels you can have. Great for travel, festival or sporting events, or even staying in communication with your family, the Onyx is the adult walkie-talkie you've been waiting for.

Fitbit Charge 2 ($149.95)

fitbitcharge 2

Another new launch in the wearable fitness category comes from powerhouse Fitbit. The Charge 2 is the latest launch in the wearable tech company's Charge line. With multi-sport tracking, GPS connectivity, heart rate monitoring, guided breathing sessions (namaste calm!), and call, text, and calendar alerts, this is the tech-meets-productivity wearable of your dreams.

Snapchat Spectacles ($130, coming soon)

snapchat spectacles

These aren't just stylish sunnies. Oh no! These are the latest from Snapchat. The new Spectacles contain a 115-degree lens built into the glasses that allow you to record video literally from your own point of view. The glasses let your record your memories, adventures, and well, life and share them instantly (via the all-powerful wifi) with the world. Mind. Blown.

Which of these new tech goodies are you hoping to try? Let us know your thoughts! Tried one of these products? Write a review on Influenster!

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