Fall Running Essentials to Stay Warm While You Log Miles

Lace up.

Fall is in full swing! We’ve all been waiting for the summer heat to simmer down so we can get outside and run with the fall breeze, and we've used that time wisely to put together a list of essentials every runner needs for training this fall and winter.

 Mission Cooling Towel

Even though it’s finally cool enough to run outside, it’s still hot enough to sweat bullets. This washable, reusable Mission Cooling Towel cools you down to as low as 30 degrees below normal body temperature when wet. It cools you down to keep you going and offers SPF 50 protection.

Nike Lean Water Bottle

Every runner knows she has to stay hydrated! This hand-held water bottle is the perfect size to bring on your run. Its 6 fl oz. capacity is enough to keep you refreshed but not weighted down. The bottle itself does a great job keeping the water nice and cold, and you’ll thank yourself throughout your run. 

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water for All Skin Types



Sometimes it’s just too hard to drum up the motivation to wash your face after a long run. The solution is simple—wipe off your face with a little of this micellar cleansing water for a clean rinse that won’t dry out your skin and will prevent clogged pores. 

No Cow Bars 

These super healthy protein bars are the perfect recovery snack. They taste so amazing you’d never know they’re gluten free, lactose free, soy free, and vegan. Nothing better than a no guilt chocolate treat to indulge in after a killer run!

Icy Hot Advanced Pain Relief Cream 

Running is hard work, and your muscles don’t always thank you for it right away. The aches and pains will fade away with as this amazing formula goes to work. Recovery, here you come! 

Have any other products runners have to have? Let us know in the comments below!