Fall Fitness: Got Abs?

I want nice abs...we all do!

But I have learned that you cannot target a certain area of your body for fat loss nor will a bunch of crunches make a muffin top go away!  However, a good combination of diet and exercises to shape your abs and strengthen your core will get you the results you want.

food for abs


Grapefruit and Watermelon: Both fruits contain a significant amount of water and fiber that helps you lose weight.
Broccoli and Spinach: These greens are low in calories, high in vitamins and help fuel your workouts.
Chicken Breast: This is a lean meat with lots of protein to fuel your workouts
Salmon: Salmon contains healthy fat that boots your metabolism.
Almonds: Almonds help reduce cravings, build muscle and are a convenient snack that will keep you energized.
Olive Oil: Olive oil contains healthy fat to keep your cholesterol levels down. Try cooking your foods in this oil instead.
Green Tea: Although it’s technically not food, it’s a great drink to keep you hydrated and boost your metabolism.

planks abs

Planks, along with these various ab exercises, will help tighten and strengthen your core. Give it a try and push through this 6-minute ab burner!

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