Eylure x Vegas Nay's New Brow Products Launch Today

Insta-worthy all the way.

ByCaitlin M.

The end of 2017 might be quickly approaching, but we're still far from being done with new launches and collaborations. (Hey, the beauty world sleeps for no one!) The latest collaboration between a beauty brand and top influencer to catch our eyes just happens to be one of the best yet. Meet the match made in brow heaven: Eylure x Vegas Nay!

Although an Eylure x Vegas Nay collaboration isn't necessarily a first (the two partnered for some faux lashes previously), the newest products to result from the pairing couldn't be better suited for upping that brow game in 2018. To help any beauty buff master chiseled arches Vegas Nay known for, the duo launched two brand new palettes to highlight, contour, and sculpt away.

First, there's the Vegas Nay Brow Highlighter & Shadow Pro Palette ($14.99), which boasts six shades (three shimmer and three matte) that are perfect for accentuating and brightening up arches. To use, blend the colors along the brow bone or just below your brows for a Insta-worthy look. 

Vegas Nay Brow Highlighter & Shadow Pro Palette
courtesy eylure

Next, up there's the nine-shade Vegas Nay Brow & Shadow Pro Palette ($19.99). This mix of colors can be used to  customize and shade like the pros. Use to define, sculpt, and shape, this palette can do it all. And with such a variety of shades to choose from, this is one kit that can tackle a number of skin tones flawlessly.

Vegas Nay Brow & Shadow Pro Palette
Courtesy eylure

Both palettes just dropped today at Ulta.com. If you ask us, mastering those Instagram-ready brows have never been so attainable.

How will you use these palettes? What brow products do you turn to most often? Share you picks below!

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