New Eye Masks to Fake 8 Hours of Sleep in 2018

Eye see you, girl.

ByCaitlin M.

Will 2018 be the year you finally score eight hours of sleep each night? If luck is on your side, it just might be. But just on the off chance that a full night of beauty sleep still eludes you in the coming days (ahem Daylight Savings!), relax. There are beauty products to fake it 'til you make it! We spotted a whole new player in the beauty sleep game and it has to do with waking you up. Instead of hiding dark circles and puffiness with concealer, banish them entirely with help from an eye mask. 

More and more skincare brands are dropping masks targeting your peepers. With powerful ingredients to decrease puffiness, minimize dark circles, and even target signs of aging, these eye masks might be just what those tired eyes need to wake up.

Check out some of the newest eye masks to hit the beauty aisle. Which would you love to try? 

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