An Expert's Guide to Colored Hair

Ever dared to go platinum blonde? Our content strategist Sam White took the plunge this afternoon on Facebook Live, and spoiler alert, she looks like Queen Elsa IRL. For those of you who joined the party, we loved seeing your engagement!  As promised, hair coloring expert Jenna Roughan from Alibi NYC Salon answered all of your questions! 




I have dark brown hair. Is there any way to go blonde without having to bleach my hair?

“Bleach is the only way to get the shade you want.”

What are the trends for fall blonde color? Darker in fall and lighter in summer?

"The rule no longer applies. Anything goes! I'm seeing lots of roots and more natural color lately. Even on platinum, finding a more natural way to place the color is very in right now."

How should I go about removing pink hair dye from my hair? Is bleach the only way?

"If it's a tinted color, bleach is the only way."

Does platinum hair look good with red or yellow undertone skin?

“It can look good if the toner is right. With red or yellow, use something creamier and pearly. Another way to get away with platinum is to do an ombre platinum where your face is shadowed with your natural color. Gold is going to bring out a pink or red skin tone.”

Just got my hair done purple. What shampoo do you recommend?

"Anything with 'color safe' in the title. Kerastase is great!"

How can I get red hair color to last longer?

"L'Oreal Professional Majirel tends to hold the best out of all the companies. Shampoo once or twice a week using color-safe shampoos. Try not to use hot tools or hot setting on the blow dryer, and wash your hair with cool water."

How do you come back from the dark side? I have been dying my hair black for years.

"A lot of patience! It helps to cut as much as possible. The older the color, the harder it is to lift. It could take six months to a year of safely bleaching your hair. Color will not lift color."

What's the best way to ombre platinum hair that already has grown out roots?

"Shadow your roots by feathering down the natural color onto the platinum and then leave out the ends. Make sure to zig zag, feather, and shadow to not create harsh lines. Play close mind to where the hair sits and how far to go down the hair shaft."

What products do you use to keep your hair color safe? Tell us in the comments below!

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