Meet the Moms in Medicine Behind Evereden

Crafting safe products for you and your family.

What if your skincare routine was created by someone who has your family’s best interests in mind? Meet the Moms in Medicine, the team of dermatologists behind Evereden’s products. Their experience as mothers developed their understanding of the concerns each woman can have during and after pregnancy. Discover the brand through these three doctors and rethink the products in your medicine cabinet. 


Dr. Rebbeca Hartman is still new to motherhood, but when she had her first child, she suddenly realized how important it was to have guidance in terms of safe formulas. She found the world of pediatric skincare difficult to navigate. From experience, she also knows how busy moms are—there’s not enough time to look up each ingredient and find out which product is safest and most effective. She works with Evereden to help young parents like her curate their little one’s very first skincare routine. The brand recommends starting with the Nourishing Baby Face Cream, ensuring 72 hours of moisture for your newborn’s delicate skin. Oh, and Influenster members unanimously gave it 5 stars. 



Dr. Joyce Teng decided to launch her career in dermatology because her daughter struggled with eczema from a very young age. Now, she’s the Head of Pediatric Dermatology at Stanford and the Chief Scientific Officer at Evereden. She’s a big proponent of avoiding hidden allergens in skincare. For example, sulfates are known eye and skin irritants, and they’re used in most shampoos and soaps. Opt for a nourishing cleanser instead, such as the Kids Multi-Vitamin face wash, packed with amino acids to protect against pollutants. It also contains coconut water and sunflower oil to support your child’s moisture barrier. Choose between melon, cool peach, or fresh pomelo—all scents derived from natural origin!



Amongst many specialties, Dr. Sarina Elmariah did extensive studies in wound healing. This Professor of Dermatology notably guides mothers-to-be on how to reduce stretch marks during and after pregnancy. She explains that the lack of collagen allows for stretch marks to develop—and stick around. To act against this natural cause and effect, she recommends Evereden’s Golden Belly Serum to care for skin during and after pregnancy. Its high content in marula oil helps to promote collagen development. It was clinically proven to reduce stretch marks by 62% in just 8 weeks. Tough to argue with that.



Moms are certainly a source we can trust. 

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