Your Favorite Lip Balm Brand Moves to Skincare

All about that H2O!

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

You know them as the brand behind your favorite egg-shaped lip balm, but you're about to know them for so much more than that! Earlier this week eos announced they were expanding beyond the legendary lip balms, shaving creams, and lotions you know and love. Get ready for eos skincare!

Because eos is all about hydration (there's a reason their balms are #1 on Influenster for chapped lips!), it only seems appropriate that the brand's first skincare venture focus on all things moisture. The new eos Aqua line is powered by two marine-based ingredients: sea kelp and Irish moss. Skincare buffs likely already know the expansive benefits of sea kelp and moss—rich in nutrients like calcium and uber moisturizing. (More on sea kelp here if you're interested!) 

eos aqua skincare

So far the line will feature six products total—three for face and three for lips—each one formulated to give a very tactile experience. Products in the new line include: the Hydrating Skin Prep, the Glistening Lotion, the Purifying Clay Mask, the Exfoliating Lip Scrub, the Deep Hydration Lip Mask, and the Dynamic Lip Gloss. Get the scoop on all of them below.

For the lips:

Exfoliating Lip Scrub ($10.00, eos)

eos exfoliating lip scrub

The gentle scrub contains seaweed and sugar to buff dry skin. 


Deep Hydration Lip Mask ($10.00, eos)

Deep Hydration Lip Mask

Again, powered by seaweed, this overnight mask gets to work while you sleep.


Dynamic Lip Gloss ($16.00, eos)

Dynamic Lip Gloss

This nourishing gloss not only treats lips but is also powered by your body's own pH. Watch it interact with your body to deliver your own unique pink hue.


For the face:

Purifying Clay Mask ($18.00, eos)

Purifying Clay Mask

Seaweed is partnered with clay here to help draw our impurities and dirt.


Hydrating Skin Prep ($20.00, eos)

Hydrating Skin Prep

Consider this your do-it-all secret weapon. This cream transforms into a water to act as a toner, serum, and of course, moisturizer.


Glistening Lotion ($20.00, eos)

And last but not least, you get a rich moisturizer that delivers a bit of a natural glow.

These new products are available for $20 or under exclusively at

Which of the new launches are you most excited to try? Share below.

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