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Empties: All the Products We Finished This Month
Empties: All the Products We Finished This August
Empties: All the Products We Finished This Month

Empties: All the Products We Finished This Month

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It takes some serious dedication to completely finish a beauty product. Whether you used it up because it's just that good or you were determined to get your money's worth—or both—there's great satisfaction that comes with scraping the bottom of the bottle or squeezing the last drop out of the tube. We can relate! That's why we're sharing with you the products we finished each month in a new series we're calling Empties. Here you'll get the honest low down—the good and the bad—about the beauty products all of our Influenster editors have used to the very last drop.

What it is: Sania's Brow Bar Angled Mechanical Brow Pencil, $30 at Neiman Marcus

What it does: Allows for precision when filling in brows and provides a realistic look

Why I bought it: Before I got married I came to the startling realization that my brows were uneven. As in, they in no way, shape, or form resembled each other. I found Sania of Sania's Brow Bar through a co-worker's recommendation and booked an appointment immediately. She used this pencil on my eyebrows to fill them in, and I've been buying it ever since.

Pros: I have yet to find another formula that has the staying power this pencil has. It does not budge. The product is dispensed at a helpful slant so it stays sharp for precision filling. This product has an incredible texture. It's not too creamy and not too waxy—just the perfect in between.

Cons: I'm unsure as to whether this is an issue with the packaging or just inevitable when it comes to products that are dispensed out of a self-sharpening tube, but when I finished this product the last of the pencil tumbled out of the tube onto the floor costing me about a week's worth of wear.

Will I buy it again: Absolutely! I'm testing another brow product now, but I can already feel the pull to pick this one oup again.

—Bethany Cantor, Director of Content

What it is: Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate, $78 at Sephora

What it does: Moisturizes the undereye area, hydrates, cools, firms, and diminishes the signs of fatigue and aging

Why I bought it: I'm honestly not much of an eye cream user, but this product was a gift and I thought it was as good a time as any to start using a targeted anti-aging treatment.

Pros: I loved this formula! It was ultra hydrating and refreshing with each use. I found myself actually looking forward to applying an eye cream—a first for me! I thought the texture of the cream was very luxe and velvety, making it incredibly easy to dab on my eyes and temples. And, although I cannot speak to anti-aging properties, I can say this product was a lifesaver on late nights and early mornings.

Cons: I think because I was an eye cream newbie and got over zealous with my first few applications, I felt the cream was a tad thick at times and didn't sink into my skin immediately. (I soon learned from a facialist this was because I was applying too much product on too small of an area!) Lastly, I wish this product didn't carry a hefty price tag. I'm definitely addicted now and wish there was a larger size option to make product last longer!

Will I buy it again: Because I'm not typically an eye cream user, it will be a little difficult to get me to consistently add one to my permanent routine now that this one is done. I'm open to trying new creams with a little bit lower price tag—but something tells me I'll ultimately come back to Fresh.

—Caitlin Miller, Site Editor

What it is: Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara, $24 at Ulta

What it does: Lengthens, curls, and coats lashes 

Why I bought it: I am an avid runner, and I'll admit it, I wear makeup during some of my runs. (Not a full face, just some sunscreen, brow gel, and a swipe or two of mascara!) I've been looking for a mascara that adds a little lift and color without running or smudging when I inevitably get covered in sweat. This waterproof formula and curved wand caught my eye.

Pros: The curved tip of the wand was very helpful for application and added just the right amount of curl to my lashes. The formula itself was very light and did not clump or smudge. I found it gave a very nice, natural look. And it lasted through my run straight on into brunch!

Cons: I was really a fan of this mascara. It suited my needs and gave me that natural look I wanted. My only warning would be to those looking for a full, voluminous mascara: this is not for you. This is exactly what it says it is: a light, sporty mascara, perfect for a simple lash look.

Will I buy it again: Absolutely. I'm already on my second. It's a little pricier than a drugstore mascara, but the formula and wand combo really were just what I was looking for. And I managed to make my tube last almost five months! 

—Caitlin Miller, Site Editor

What it is: Benefit Fiber Gel, $24 at Sephora

What it does: Shapes and tints brows 

Why I bought it:  I'm a huge fan of all Benefit products, but what really drew me to this product was the fact that it was a pencil. I'm not great a drawing brows, and this product makes shaping and coloring super easy. 

Pros: Simple, I use this product twice a day. It has become one of my secret weapons! Everyone always compliments my brows, and I give all creds to the Benefit fiber gel!

Cons: I honestly don't have any! I love it!

Will I buy it again: Totally! I've been buying this for the past two years and will continue to do so! 

—Carson Mehl, Social Media Strategist


What it is: YSL Mascara Volume Effet  Faux Cils, $32 at Sephora

What it does: Gives lashes volume and dark color without clumping

Why I bought it: We ran this #YSLMascara program last year and there were so many amazing reviews I had to see what the hype was for myself!

Pros: This is the epitome of a daytime to nighttime mascara! One coat will give you a beautiful natural lifted lash when two or 3 coats will give you a ton of awesome sexy volume and shade

Cons: I'm a huge fan of this mascara, but I will say, it dries out pretty quickly in the tube. That's my only complaint!

Will I buy it again: Yes! I am in between mascaras right now but this is in my top three favorite mascaras of all time—and I have tested a lot of mascara!

—Carson Mehl, Social Media Strategist

What it is: Nu Skin ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra, $103.65 at Amazon

What it does: firms skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and protects against free radicals

Why I bought it: As someone with fair skin who's spent a lot of time in the sun, I've begun to develop forehead wrinkles at an early age. I wasn't sure which product would best combat this, so I asked my mom, who used to own a skincare company, and is an expert in anti-aging products. She highly recommended this brand and said I needed to use this product daily.

Pros: I love this product because my skin feels like pearls after applying it. The gel capsules make it so easy to determine how much to use.

Cons: Although I love the effects of the product, the price tag is steep. Unless you know a NU Skin rep, it's around $100 for sixty capsules. For someone who would prefer to forego makeup and replace it with beautiful skin, it's worth it!

Will I buy it again: Absolutely.

—Sam White, Content Strategist

What it is: Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation, $38 at Sephora

What it does: provides full coverage that lasts all day. It's a great base for powder, blush, highlighters–anything!

Why I bought it: I've always looked up to my older sisters who are the ultimate beauty gurus. They introduced me to Double Wear in high school and I haven't changed products since!

Pros: I’ve been using Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation for seven years, so you could say I’m incredibly loyal to the formula! I prefer full coverage because it doesn’t matter what kind of day I’m having (bad breakout, dryness, or major oil), it covers everything! The bottle is a bit pricey, but it’ll last for at least four months

Cons: Since it contains SPF, it can occasionally show up lighter in photos. The trick to fighting this issue is putting a bit more bronzer on when you know that you’re stepping into a picture-worthy night.

Will I buy it again: Most definitely! Seven years down and a lifetime to go!

—Claire Rodgers, Junior Content Strategist

What it is: Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, $11.99 at drugstore.com

What it does: relieves chronically dry or sensitive skin

Why I bought it: After suffering from eczema as a kid, I have been trained to moisturize every day with gentle, fragrance-free products. Aveeno and Cetaphil were my family’s go-to’s as far as an everyday healing lotion, yet Cetaphil proved to push to the top. Initially my parents provided it, but now, I make sure to always keep Cetaphil in stock. 

Pros: It simply gets the job done! I apply it after every shower on my whole body; on my face before I put on makeup every morning, and any other random time my skin is in need of hydration (which isn’t often—it’s benefits are lasting). It seems like a thick moisturizer when you first take a dab of it, but it glides right over your skin and dries like one of those high-end moisturizers (that I can’t afford right now—which even if I could, I’d use Cetaphil). 

Cons: I wish it came in an even bigger container!

Will I buy again?: Absolutely, 100 percent. This stuff is a major part of my life—it’s that “if I could only bring one product to a deserted island” product.

—Nina Krill, Content Strategy Intern

What it is: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, $27.50 at Kiehl’s

What it does: replenishes skin’s lost moisture, keeps skin hydrated and soft

Why I bought it: I love the Kiehl’s face scrubs because they’re gentle but still get the job done, and I was hoping for similar results with this cream. I have combination skin, but the parts of my face that are dry need extra hydration after I exfoliate.

Pros: I loved how it kept my skin hydrated throughout the whole day, and I only needed a nickel-sized amount to moisturize my entire face. It made my skin feel more smooth, so when I applied my foundation or bronzer it was super even. It has a light, fresh scent that isn’t too overpowering.

Cons: When Kiehl’s says hydrating, they really mean hydrating. I quickly learned that I didn’t need to use a lot of this product otherwise it would be too thick.

Will I buy again: This moisturizer lasted me a long time, and did even more than I expected it to! I opted for the smaller container (1.7 oz), which was convenient to travel with, but likely I’ll purchase the larger one because it’s a better value. The price is totally worth it for a cream that kept my combination skin at bay!

—Grace Halio, Editorial Intern

What it is: Lush Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face & Body Scrub,  $21.95 at Lush Cosmetics

What it does: exfoliates and softens skin, cleanses impurities, tones and brightens complexion

Why I bought it: I wanted to give LUSH a try after hearing rave reviews from friends and bloggers. I went with an exfoliant to work some deep-clean action into my skincare routine once every two or three days. Plus, LUSH is a company whose business ethics I wholeheartedly support—not only do they ethically and locally source the ingredients for their products, but they also actively campaign for queer and women’s rights, outlawing animal testing, and various environmental justice issues.

Pros: This scrub is a lifesaver. Within a week (about two uses), my skin felt tighter, looked glow-y and healthy, and my breakouts stopped. 

Cons: I only wish I bought the bigger size!!

Will I buy again?: Without a doubt. Lush is certainly not a cheap option, but it's absolutely worth it for the results. Plus, I will always support companies that makes great products while campaigning for human rights and environmental justice.

—Ally Zhao, Graphic Design Intern

What products did you finish this month? Share with us your empties in the comment section!

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