Grays, Scrunchies and More Stylist-Approved Hair Trends for Fall

It's all about having fun with your natural hair

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

A lot about our lives have changed in 2020. And as the seasons have come and gone, so have old habits or routines, like hair cuts and dye jobs. People who had been meticulous about root touch ups and trims, are now letting their hair grow out and long. And while there is so much to love about embracing the more natural look of your hair, the stylists we once depended on are now not sure where this new world leaves them.

"Not being able to create and use my art due to COVID was extremely difficult," says Savannah Derritt, Hairstylist from Oklahoma. "Being behind the chair isn’t just about a job – it’s about expression. When artists aren’t allowed to use that it can be very emotional. So many of the women and men I know in this industry do this because of the passion we have for it."

Savannah is also a member of VaultBeauty, a free to download mobile app that connects beauty professionals to potential clients based on location. Freelance beauty experts can use the technology to build their business, while consumers can easily locate and browse experts within a specific area based on category, – hair, makeup, nails, tan, lashes and brows – read reviews from real clients, and message them directly.

Luckily Savannah has been back at work, and while things aren't exactly how they used to be, she is happy to be able to do what she loves. "As annoying as it may be though having to wear masks and consider it the new normal. I’m so happy to be able to be doing what I love whether I’m able to get as many clients in a day like I used to or not. I’m back to work and that alone has made me extremely happy."

Savannah shared her recommendations on how to care for your hair and have fun with the latest hair trends of the season

Long hair seems to be having a moment, how do you recommend people care for longer hair so that it stays fresh looking?

For long hair, I like to use L'incroyable Blowdry Hair Lotion. It’s an amazing styling product that has 48-72 hour heat protection, making it great for long hair that you want to restyle. It has hold to it but not too much hold to where you can’t restyle. 

And for styling trends, I love an effortless look. Just a little dry shampoo, 3-day old curls, and a 90's claw clip and you have yourself a style! Another one of my favorite ways to style long hair at the moment is with cute bubble braids. They are so easy and you just need a few rubber bands. It can be cute and sassy or elegant with any outfit.

Many people have also started embracing their natural hair texture, any recommendations for wearing hair natural and curly?

I wish I had beautiful curly hair. Nothing is more beautiful to me then having your hair natural and pulled back with some pretty curl tendrils falling around the face. 

My favorite curl products are: 

For extremely curly hair: Oribe Curl by Definition Creme

For loose wavy hair: Oribe Matte Wave Texture Lotion

For Styling: I love a cute clip in the hair or scrunchy. I love that 90's vibes are completely back in and I think here to stay for a bit!

Can you talk to embracing natural grays? How can one play it up and find confidence in something they used to cover up?

I think women are gaining more confidence and owning it! I love that more women are embracing their beauty in all forms. Gray can be really cool if you find a complementary fun color for your skin tone to play it up with! Stylists [for makeup or hair] can completely help you with that.

Low-maintenance looks are a goldmineCan you share a few easy styles anyone can try?

A few low maintenance styles are like I said above, bubble braids, claw clips, even a half up pony with a side part. Again 90's styles are so in right now!

Another super cute and easy style is pulling half your hair back (above the ears) and creating a loose half bun where the bun falls to the back of your head. It takes 2 seconds! Then pull a few face framing pieces out and loosen the sides so it’s not slick. Super cute and easy! I like to do mine with a scrunchy.

Which fall hair trend are you rocking?