Influenster Editors' Top Picks For Relaxing

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

It might only be Monday, but it's also a great excuse to take a few minutes to zen out—it's National Relaxation Day, after all! In honor of the day devoted to our favorite past-time of relaxing, we're sharing with you our best tips and favorite products we rely on to help us unwind after a long day!

"Nothing relaxes me like taking a pilates class. It’s one full hour that I get to devote to myself and my health. Exercising clears my mind and revives my creativity. I’ve had more than one big idea hit me mid workout! To freshen up post-workout, I turn to Klorane Dry Shampoo." 

—Bethany Cantor, Content Director

"When I'm looking to blow off some steam, I find a good run always calms me down. But after logging a few miles, I really enjoy coming home to a nice warm bath. Right now I'm really loving indulging in Mayfair Soap Foundry's Grapefruit Bergamot Bath Salts. It has a nice revitalizing scent (the grapefruit is super invigorating!) and the exfoliating salts ease my sore muscles!"

—Caitlin Miller, Site Editor

"Cooking relaxes me. I’ll cook dinner, have a glass of white wine, and then turn on the CALM app—it’s mindful meditation, which I’ve been trying to get into a regular practice of."

—Carson Mehl, Social Media Strategist

"Taking a hot shower at the end of a long day is all I need to wind down. When I'm done, I take a nickel-sized amount of Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment and run it evenly through my damp hair. It's like a mini vacation to the beach, but instead of salty ocean hair, I'm getting soft and silky locks!"

—Claire Rodgers, Junior Content Strategist

"When I need to relax, I pour myself a glass of Malbec, light a Eucalyptus Spearmint candle, and listen to Sigur Ros. If I'm still stressed (normally that does that trick), I'll practice mindfulness meditation for about 20 minutes."

—Sam White, Content Strategist

"I always get stressed when my apartment is messy, so I usually unwind by cleaning and organizing whenever I have a free minute. I like to throw on Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty while I declutter my space. The peppermint has a cooling sensation while the vanilla calms any redness on my face. It’s my go-to mask!"

—Ally Zhao, Editorial Design Intern


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