Influenster 101: 8 Ways To Upcycle Your VoxBoxes!

Here at Influenster, we've been working hard at becoming more environmentally friendly. From turning off lights to reducing waste there are so many ways to help this planet stay healthy. If you're a lucky Influenster who's received a VoxBox, you probably faced the dilemma of what to do with it after you reviewed the totally awesome products inside.

We've come up with these helpful suggestions for what to do with your old VoxBox, take a look: 

1. For The Beauty Lover: Makeup Organizer

Makeup Organizer: Voxbox Upcycling

VoxBoxes make amazing makeup organizers whether you have a small or big box it's perfectly suited to streamlining your makeup counter. Small boxes are great for holding one type of makeup and big boxes can hold all your makeup with dividers (made from small pieces of cardboard or construction paper) to keep them separate! 


2. For The Musically Inclined: Toy Guitar

Your little one (or you!) will love to shred on this DIY Toy Guitar. To make your very own guitar cut a circle out of the top of a VoxBox and string rubber bands over your sound hole. Then attach an empty paper towel roll to the top for a fretboard you can rock out on! 


3. For The Animal Lover: Pet Bed

Even if you haven't fitted it out for your pet, your curious four-legged-friend has probably explored the inside of a box. Put some padding (a towel works well!) in the bottom of your old VoxBox and give your pet an inexpensive pet bed they'll love! 


4. For The Adventurous One: Picnic Basket

Picnic Voxbox Upcycling

Empty out your VoxBox and fill it with a delicious packed lunch. Take it with you to a perfect picnic spot and enjoy a delicious meal.  This easy peasy upcycling can be done over and over until your box gives out. We filled our box with Skinny Pop and Almonds


5. For The Aspiring Photographer: Photo Light Box

Don't worry about spending money on a proper light box! Line the inside of a VoxBox with white poster board for your very own mini photography studio!


6. Fun for All: Play House

Got some small dolls? Make them a dream home inside your old VoxBox! Cut windows out of the box and use the flip top lid to conceal what's inside! Bonus points if you make your own paper furniture and decorate your house! 


7. For The Clever Craft Artist: Paint Palette

upcycling paint

Cut your very own paint palette from your VoxBox and boost your crafting potential. Complete your palette with a handy thumb hole for maximum ease. This easy solution is a must for any artsy Influenster in a pinch! 


9. For The Generous Influenster: Gift Box

Recycle Your VoxBoxes

Easily wrap oddly shaped gifts by placing them inside your old VoxBox and wrapping that box with wrapping paper instead! Not only is it easier to wrap, but the easy-to-open lid makes it a perfect box to conceal a gift in! 


Have you found another way to upcycle your VoxBox? Tell us how in the comments!


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