Another Reason to Love Target: Dylan's Candy Bar is Coming

Target, ILYSM.

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

It's no secret that walking into Target is like walking into a world where time stands still and everything you never knew you needed magically appears before your eyes. (And for that, we love you, Target.) But those trips are about to get even sweeter. Get your floss and toothbrush ready: Dylan's Candy Bar sweet treats are coming to a store near you.

That's right. You don't need to hop a plane and head to NYC to shop the goodies at Dylan's Candy Bar. Just in time for Valentine's Day, Target is brining you 14 new and exclusive assortments from Dylan's Candy. And from the looks of them, they look like treats we'd love to give but also mainly love to receive. 

The new collection consists of gummies and chocolates as well as several gift sets guaranteed to make your Valentine smile. Although there are 14 to choose from, we're eyeing a few specifics below. Check out our picks!

Valentine's Day Dylan's Rectangle Tackle Box with Candy ($9.99)

Spoil yourself (or your Valentine) with the gift of many sweets. This reusable box contains chocolate hearts, rainbow sour bricks, gummy cherry red and white non-pareils, gummy bears, cherry jelly hearts, and gumballs.

Valentine's Day Dylan's Chocolate Understands Gummy Bear Mix ($3.99)

Because even if you don't understand, chocolate is sure to understand why your Valentine has been giving you the silent treatment.

Valentine's Day Dylan's Heart Compartment Box With Candy ($7.99)

Who knew giving you heart to someone was as easy as picking up $8 worth of candy? This heart trio contains a variety of chocolates and candies to make sharing your sweets so easy.

Valentine's Day Dylan's Hangry Mix Gummy Bag ($3.99)

Our personal favorite combines both of our loves: fried foods and candy. This mix will fix any hangry heart with its Cola Bottle, Hamburger, and French Fry gummies.

See all of the Dylan's Candy Bar selections here. And be sure to shop these before Valentine's Day—*cough* which is February 14 if you need a reminder *cough.*

What's your favorite Valentine's Day candy? Share below!

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