Your Dunkin' Donuts Might Be Giving Away Coffee This Month

One word: free.

ByCaitlin M.

'Tis the season for giving and we can hardly think of a more perfect treat to perk up any morning commute than a free cup of joe. And the caffeine experts over at Dunkin' Donuts are doing just that at select shops this December—starting today. And your local DD might just be one of the lucky locations!

Starting today through December 20 during each week day, at least one Dunkin’ Donuts across the U.S will be offering up to 500 free medium-sized cups of hot coffee. A whopping 40 Dunkin’ Donuts nationwide will participate in the caffeine-powered giveaway! So be sure to take a peek at the list below to see if your local restaurant is participating. And be sure to mark your calendar and head over early to grab that brew!

But that's not the only way DD is spreading the giving spirit. Franchisees in each participating market will donate $1,000 to a local organization aligned with the Joy in Childhood Foundation's mission to bring joy to sick and hungry children, the brand said in a press release. (That means they'll be donating more than $23,000 to support local charities!)

'Tis the season for giving and coffee, indeed!

Is your Dunkin' Donuts on the list? Sound off if you'll be hitting up your local shop!