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Carlie D.
ByCarlie D.

At Influenster, we are obsessed with taking care of our hair. We want healthy and beautiful hair, which is why we’re always searching for the next great hair product. Lucky for us, we found something that makes hair stronger and shinier after every use.

dpHUE’s Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse is formulated with proteins that can triple the strength of each strand. It also removes impurities from pollution or product build-up, which makes it a great alternative to shampoo. And unlike shampoo, it has no sulfates or harsh detergents, so it can cleanse hair without stripping away its natural oils. The color-safe formula also seals cuticles to lock in moisture and color, thus keeping your hair looking soft and vibrant. 

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. Just ask our users! Look at how amazing everyone’s hair is thanks to the dpHUE’s ACV Rinse VoxBox.

@nicoledachille_ is loving how easy the rinse is to apply and how healthy it leaves  her long, luscious locks!


@lexielisha can't stop raving about ACV for maintaining postpartum hair that's lacking in moisture and strength.

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