Attention Men: You Too Can Stay Fresh All Day

Stink no more!

Now that the sweaty summer is here, it can be hard to stay fresh especially for you active and busy men. Dove Men+Care makes it easier with its Deodorant Wipes Active+Fresh launch earlier this year!

Whether you're traveling, at a music festival, going to a special event, or have a date night after a workout—Dove Men+Care has you covered. And we're teaming up with them to send 1,000 Influensters a VoxBox with these wipes inside. Not in this one? Learn more about VoxBoxes here.


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The wipes are made with moisturizers that are gentle on the skin and alcohol free but still remove any odor and sweat in one wipe. Pack them in your gym bag, backpack, or car to freshen your underarms—or the rest of your body—throughout the day.

These wipes are seriously perfect for travelers and festival-goers who are out all day and don't exactly have the time for a quick shower. Not to mention, they're great for anyone who doesn't have room in their bag for a whole stick of deodorant. And, since the packaging is resealable, these wipes stay moist no matter how many times you open them. Bottom line: It's never been easier to go from one place to the next without worrying if you're less than fresh!


What are your tips for staying fresh on-the-go? We want to know! 

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