Dove's New Line is All About Tackling Dry Skin

Here's why it's big!

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

Having dry skin in winter is basically par for the course. But now all dry skin is created equal. There are some who have dry skin that's simply resolved with a bit of diligent lotioning. Then there are others who suffer through cracks, flakes, tight skin, and a total loss of radiance. Then there are others still whose skin is so dry it gets bumpy, itchy, even rash-like. For those with the driest skin, sometimes your standard lotion just won't cut it.

dove dermaseries

Dove just dropped a brand new line devoted to helping those with severely dry skin combat find relief. The new DermaSeries line of products is totally hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and formulated to target extremely dry skin. Many products made with severe dry skin in mind can be thicker to treat skin and yet they're not super emollient and thus don't quite sink into skin to be fully effective. 

DermaSeries focuses on truly restoring the skin's natural lipids to help relieve and heal the dry, inflamed areas and strengthen that damaged barrier. In addition to that immediate relief that comes from the soothing and comforting textures of the DermaSeries products, the entire line actually aims to lock in moisture and trigger PPARs (skin proteins) to heal and regulate the lipid layer and inflammation.

And DermaSeries is an entire collection too. It's not just one lotion that you're somehow expected to repurpose over your body. There are eight products in total including a body wash, face wash, face lotion, a repairing balm for spot treatments, and even an eczema-specific lotion. And because they're Dove, you can expect that drugstore price point—nothing is more than $20. Check out some of the products we're eyeing to solve some of those dry skin woes.

Dry Skin Relief Expert Repairing Balm ($16.99)

dove dermaseries repaing balm

This highly concentrated formula is ideal for those problematic spots that often get the brunt of the dry skin action: knees, knuckles, elbows, and the like.

Dry Skin Relief Gentle Cleansing Face Wash ($6.99)

dove dermaseries skin relief cleansing face wash

When you have dry skin, face wash can be you enemy. But this one boasts a no-foam, oil-based formula that's cleansing yet nourishing.

Dry Skin Relief Replenishing Face Cream SPF 15 ($10.99)

Dry Skin Relief Replenishing Face Cream SPF 15

Not only does this boast a vitamin E-rich formula that lasts for up to 12 hours, but it also contains SPF 15 to keep sensitive dry skin protected.

Eczema Relief Soothing Body Lotion ($10.99)


Designed for these most severe dry skin, this lotion contains colloidal oatmeal to help instantly soothe troubled eczema-prone skin.

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