8 Dry Shampoo Hacks You Never Knew About

We bet you've never heard of these hacks!

It's no secret that you shouldn't be washing your hair every day. That's where dry shampoo comes in! While summer can make your scalp greasy, it doesn't mean you have to wash it right when you get home. With the Dove Care Between Washes VoxBox, you don't have to! We're sending 1,250 lucky Influensters one of the following Dove products:

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While most of us know about dry shampoo as the holy grail product for the times you need clean hair, Dove's Between Washes line proves there's so much more to it! But if you're anything like us and stick to what you know, we're here to give you some tips and tricks on the other benefits of using dry shampoo!


#1: It volumizes

If your hair is feeling dull and flat, throw some dry shampoo on to give you texture!


#2: It holds your curl

Don't waste hours curling your hair if it won't last for longer than 30 minutes...sometimes our hair isn't cooperating and keeps falling flat. Dry shampoo gives you the grip your curl needs to last all day without the crunch of maximum hold hairspray.


#3: It "fixes" your roots

Being blonde is expensive. Getting your roots done is a time and money-crunch, but that's where blonde dry shampoo saves the day. It will help blend your roots so you don't look too much of a bottle blonde. (Although there's nothing wrong with that!)


#4: It changes up your look

Speaking of colored dry shampoos, if you find one in a color a little lighter than yours, it can fake some highlights! A change in look without the commitment? Sign us up!


#5: Stop your bangs from sticking

The summer has the worst time to have bangs because you don't want that sweaty hair sticking to your forehead! Spray some dry shampoo on the underside of your bangs so that it holds up above your forehead!


#6: It helps change your hair part

The middle part is in, but your hair might not get the memo. Dry shampoo gives your hair the malleability to switch your part easily without having to play around with it all day.


#7: It keeps your bobby pins from falling

The texture and grip dry shampoo gives you will keep your bobby pins from sliding out of your hair. Don't lose any more bobby pins—just use some dry shampoo!


#8: It saves your clothes from oil spots

As a prime de-greaser, dry shampoo has another unique use. If you're as clumsy as us, then you get oil spots on the reg. Take out your travel size dry shampoo bottle to suck out the grease before washing and your clothes will stay in good shape.


Do you want to try this Dove Care Between Washes Line? Do you have any dry shampoo hacks? Let us know in the comments below!