Dorm Room Essentials

Dorm Room Essentials

It seems like just last week I was just finishing finals and getting out of school for the summer! GAH! School starts (for me) in two weeks!! I really can’t believe that. I am not ready! {insert sad face here} I really think I would be more excited about it if I was younger and living on campus. Also not having a full time job and a mortgage and car payment would help too. LOL!

I remember getting soooo pumped about packing all of stuff up for the move on to campus for the year! I couldn’t wait to see my sorority sisters and rehash our summers…talk about who was dating who, what classes we were taking together, getting ready for rush, and going to parties. You know, all of the important things! HA!

One super important thing for me was decorating my dorm room. I usually did my whole room in purple (sorority color) and and at that time (early 2000’s) purple was hard to find!! I could always pink pink or red decor but purple was nearly impossible to find. So tell me why I went to WalMart the other day and found some super cute purple bedding and decor that would have been perfect for my college dorm room?? GAH!

I also found a ton of other cute (and functional) stuff that would be great for a dorm room!! So today I am going to share with you my 10 dorm room essentials…things that I found in WalMart and things you wouldn’t necessarily think to bring with you! You live and you learn and now I am passing my knowledge on to you!!

1. LAMP. Confession, when I moved into my first dorm room I brought my whole house with me (including an iron and ironing board…HA!) but I totally forgot a lamp. There is nothing worse than sitting in either a dark room or a room lit solely by the overheard light. I need ambient light to study and so a ute lamp is a must!

2. HAND SOAP. For some reason lots of people forget this one…me included! The only soap in a dorm is the foamy stuff kept in the bathrooms and that stuff will dry your hands out like nobody’s business!! So do yourself, and your hands, a favor and get some yummy smelling soap!

4. SMELL GOODIES. I went to college before Scentsy was invented but I like to say my friends and I invented Scentsy for ourselves. We would get mini crockpots and put votive candles in them and when they would melt our rooms would smell delicious!! So basically if we had patented it we could be RICH!! HA!! But anyway you definitely need some sort of smell goody for your dorm room!! I love this cupcake Scentsational!!

5. WARMER. If you get those yummy smelling was cubes you’re going to need a cute warmer for them!! I love this one from Better Homes and Gardens for my house now…LOL!

6. KLEENEX! I don’t know about you but I suffer from year round allergies. There is nothing cute at all about walking around campus looking like a crackhead with your red nose and swollen face so I bring Kleenex with me everywhere I go! Right now Kleenex has some chevron oval boxes that would go perfect in a dorm room and go with any color scheme! I picked up a red chevron oval box but they also come in yellow, blue, and green. They would be super cute in a college dorm room and wouldn’t stand out and scream I NEED KLEENEX!!

7. RUG. I don’t know about your dorm room but mine had freezing cold tile floors!! I had a few rugs scattered around so we wouldn’t freeze our feet off!!

8. SHOWER SHOES. Unless you live in a private room or have a suite with a bathroom attached I would definitely invest in a cheap pair of flip flops to wear to the shower.

9. BATH TOWEL WRAP. Along the same lines as shower shoes you will also need a robe to walk up and down the hall in, unless your into nudity…LOL!!

10. SHOWER CADDY. Another important shower item you need something to tote all of your shower necessities to and from the shower. You really need one with holes in the bottom to drain out all of the water!

What are your dorm room essentials? Comment below!!



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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of WalMart and Kleenex. While I was compensated for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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