Doritos Has a Crazy New Spicy Flavor

Hot, hot, hot!

ByCaitlin M.

If this week is any indication of how 2018 is going to go in the food world, we're in for a good year. After news of a new Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes concoction launching, we get word of a new flavor of one of our favorite mid-day snacks. Doritos is expanding it's already plentiful flavor arsenal, which includes a wasabi flavor, to include a brand new ultra spicy edition.

Doritos Blaze ($2.50, Target) is a new must-try for fans of a little—OK, a lot—of heat. The new chips boasts a fiery new flavor and a tagline of "It tastes like licking a volcano." Intrigued? We're guessing this has a bit more punch than your typical chip. Although we don't quite have the exact details on what this volcanic spice is supposed to be, we did catch up on what some of our favorite foodies were saying about the new chips.

According to Food & Wine and Delish, although the new flavor was on the hot side, it's wasn't nearly as intense as might be expected. Food & Wine thought the flavor had more of a "garlicky and tomato-y" punch with a "peppery flavor of jalapaleño." On the other hand, Delish claimed the flavor missed the mark entirely and lacked in some serious spice.

Either way, we're willing to put our taste buds to the test and determine for ourselves. And if you're curious about the heat yourself, you can shop this new flavor starting today. 

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