This Powder Might Be What Your Beauty Routine is Missing

Skin meet DOPE.

ByCaitlin M.

It's no secret that what you eat plays an important role in how you feel. And an even bigger role in how your skin looks! And sure, there are a number of supplements out there that boast energizing or skincare benefits, but how many tackle both? Meet DOPE Naturally, a brand new superfood-powered, ingestible powder that is equal parts good for the body and good for the skin.

DOPE is a pure plant-based, energy superfood blend that only takes a tablespoon mixed into your yogurt, smoothies, cereal—anything for a good-for-you boost of energy and beauty treatment at a cellular level. Because DOPE is made with pure superfoods, the powder delivers potent ingredients to the body to promote everything from metabolism health, collagen production, even glowing skin. Oh and it's USDA certified, organic, vegan, paleo, and gluten-free!

Dope naturally powder
Courtesy DOPE Naturally

Right now, the new-to-market brand offers three flavors, each targeting different concerns and needs. There's Beet Bliss Powder ($35, REVOLVE) that's power-packed with oxygen-promoting beets, cell rejuvenating raw cacao, Vitamin C-rich baobab, and energy-boosting mangosteen. This mix is ideal for collagen formation, and increased blood flow.

Next up we have another beet-packed powder: Beet Force Powder ($35, REVOLVE). This one is formulated for beauty and energy yes, but also for endurance and stamina, making it a must for that mid-afternoon slump. Similar to Beet Bliss, Force has beets and mangosteen, but it also contains dragon fruit to aid in weight management and mulberries to help with circulation to promote healthy hair and skin!

Lastly, the newest of the bunch is Melonaid Protein Powder ($45, REVOLVE), which is the first plant-based protein powder made with watermelon seeds. (This powder is our favorite when for mixing with Greek yogurt!) In addition to the key ingredients of beets, there's dragonfruit, as well as anti-inflammatory strawberry powder, and the star of the show protein-rich watermelon seeds, which boast amino acids that that promote collagen formation.

And although, we will never kiss our skincare regimen goodbye, we're all about supplementing it with a product that helps promote a healthy glow from the inside out. And it's just the cherry—or should we say, watermelon seed—on top if we see an energy boost too!

Would you try DOPE Naturally? Let us know which powder sounds good to you!

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