Don’t Toss That VoxBox

Don’t Toss That VoxBox

Got VoxBoxes piling up? In honor of Earth Day, we’re sharing some fun ways to upcycle them!

Kaley W.
ByKaley W.

Waste not, want not! Here at Influenster, we pride ourselves on using paper suppliers that are SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) certified. All of our cardboard, tissue paper, and paper used for postcards are from vendors adhering to strict sustainability practices. 

To double down on our green initiative in honor of Earth Day, we want to share some ways to upcycle (that’s a spruced up recycle) your VoxBoxes and get more mileage out of that corrugated cardboard. 

Planters for Herb Garden

Herb your enthusiasm! You can max out your green living by growing sprouts in a repurposed cardboard box.  Drainage is essential for herb gardening, so you’ll need to poke some holes in your VoxBox before lining it with soil and tending to your seedlings. 

Organize Your Drawers

Get crafty and turn the top of your box into a catchall for your desk, an organizer for pantry staples, or a new home for your shoes.

Gift Boxes

The gift that keeps on giving, literally. Throw some tinsel in your VoxBox and you have the perfect vehicle for a birthday or holiday present.

DIY Home Decor

Think outside the box and turn cardboard into the next big thing in art deco. Decorate your box and add some dimension to an end table or use it as a bookend on a shelf. 

Time Capsule

What would you put in a time capsule to remind you of 2022? A copy of ‘Uncut Gems?’ An NFT? Can a vibe be encapsulated? Although it pains us to think of our sweet VoxBoxes buried out of sight, the excitement of digging them up years later is well worth it. 

Do you have any clever uses for your VoxBox that don’t include taking them apart and putting them in a blue bin? Let us know in the comments! And always remember: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!