Dolls Who Code: Meet the Newest (Fictional) Girl in STEM

Meet the new doll on the block

I will  start this article by admitting I was a devoted American Girls fan back in the day. My sister and I would pour over the catalog when it came in the mail, and were very devoted to our respective dolls — I had Kirsten and she had Addy. I had to take a moment to be depressed about the fact that none of us are as young as we once were when I read that the latest American Girl doll came from the not so distantly historical 1980s, instead of the 1800s.

Setting aside my discomfort (and reminding myself to reorder my L’Oreal magic root coverup), Courtney, the American Girl doll from 1986, quickly won me over. Courtney, much like many of Influenster’s employees, is a girl who codes. Many of us remember that each of the American Girl dolls came with their own series of books (my personal favorites? “Meet Felicity”, “Happy Birthday, Kirsten”, and “Changes for Samantha”), and Courtney codes her own video games in hers. In addition to creating a young, female character interested in tech, and coding, American Girl will be partnering with the Girls Who Code foundation. For the rest of the holiday season, they will be matching donations for the foundation, as well as sponsoring four scholarships. This is a cause very near and dear to our hearts as well: check out the winners of our biannual Women in STEM scholarship.

In addition to supporting a very worthy cause, Courtney’s fashion game is frankly, rad. From Care Bears Nightgowns, to a graphic button down, hot pink blazer, and tie combo, to my personal favorite: a very chic splatter print dress with a matching denim jacket. The accessories are possibly the best part. Courtney comes with a colorful boombox, headphones, scrunchies, unicorn school supplies, a caboodle (that looks a lot like the one I currently use), and best of all a working Pac Man game. The vibe is Stranger Things meets Pretty in Pink and it’s the exact kind of thing my Babysitters’ Club reading heart would have coveted back in the day. I don’t know if I’m ever going to recover from realizing that 1985 - 2020 is the same amount of time as 1950 - 1985, but I think Addy and Kirsten would definitely enjoy playing a few rounds of Pac Man with Courtney.

I think so many of us were inspired by these historical stories of daring, intelligent, brave young girls living at different moments in American history, and hopefully Courtney will join their ranks, and inspire many of 2020’s real life American kids to consider checking out coding, or getting a degree in a STEM field.

What do you think of the latest American Girl Doll? Is she joining the ranks of one of your old school faves, and do you know a young person who is clamoring for one this holiday season? Let us know in the comments! 


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