Does Your Go-To Shampoo Become Less Effective If You Keep Using It?

Keeping it true and real.

In the beauty world, we hear some myths so often that they’re perceived as actual facts. It can be downright confusing so we’re here to help you sort out one common myth: Does your go-to shampoo become less effective if you keep using it?

We went to a hair expert to find out the truth once and for all.

Shampoo 101
All shampoos are not created the equal. Hairstylist Umberto explained to us that the majority of shampoos contain two agents: a cleansing agent and a conditioning agent. However, there are others that only contain a cleansing agent.

It all comes down to formula: In this case, having two agents isn’t better. Umberto explains, “The shampoos that only contain cleansing agents keep their level of efficacy over time, but it’s the ones that contain both the cleansing and conditioning agents that become less effective over time.”

The reason is that conditioning agents in shampoo can adhere to your hair, causing dreaded build-up. Every shampoo is unique, like snowflakes, so the amount of conditioning agent and build-up can vary. Umberto explains, “The amount of conditioning agent in the shampoo will determine how quickly this happens. It all depends on the type/amount of conditioning agent, and how it affects your hair.” 

Go for a cleansing agent only
Don’t worry if you have the wrong shampoo because there are others on the market that only contain cleansing agents. Umberto gives these ones the a-okay to be used over and over again because “they will remain the same consistency of effectiveness.”

What to do 
Confused about what type of shampoo formula you have in the shower? Umberto states the best way to find out its chemistry is simply by using it, “Use your desired shampoo product at least five to eight times. Iif you notice any build-up, the particular shampoo has conditioning agents that stick to the hair. Switch to a new one, and begin the trial again.”

When it comes to finding the right shampoo, a bit of trial and error will result in the right formula that will keep your tresses looking their best.   

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