DIY Sunburn Cures

DIY Sunburn Cures

When the sun is shining and the weather is warm its almost impossible to stay indoors! Even though we are ALWAYS applying and reapplying your sunscreen...sometimes we slip up and forget because were too busy enjoying the summer sun. Almost inevitably the monster that is sunburn seems to sneak up on us, and it's the worst! Its itchy, tender, hot, and just downright uncomfortable. So, here are some DIY sunburn healers that can sooth your skin and help the healing process!


Applying a compress to your sunburn can really help with relief! These 3 compress ideas help itchiness and heat that comes from sunburn.

1. Cold Water Compress 

Water and ice cubes are the classic ingredients for a good cold compress.

+ Dip a cloth in the cold liquid and lay over your burn, repeat every few minutes for 10-15 minutes.

+ Do this several times a day.


2. Witch Hazel Compress 

+ Submerge a clean cloth into witch hazel apply cloth to burned area.



Chances are you can find most of these ingredients in your kitchen. No matter how bad your burn is, remember these everyday kitchen supplies are here to save they day!

1. Fat-Free Milk

+ Mix 4 cups of water and 1 cup of fat-free milk in a bowl

+ Add a couple of ice cubes + dip cloth into mixture

+ Apply compression to you burn every 15-20 minutes and repeat every 3 hours


2. Yogurt 

+ Apply yogurt to any area that is sunburned!

+ Rinse off in a cold shower gently pat your skin until dry; do not rub it will cause more irritation


3. Tea Bag

+ Teabags are the perfect remedy for any type of facial burn, especially the eyelids!

+ Soak tea bags in cool water apply teabags to burn to decrease swelling and relieve pain



Advil or Ibuprofen are great to have on hand because they decrease inflammation as well as pain!

+ When it comes to your beauty routine avoided exfoliators and active ingredients that will irritate the skin even more!

+ STAY OUT OF THE SUN! Your body has natural self healing mechanisms, going back into the sun while burned will ruin the healing process!

+ According to the Skin Cancer Foundation you should reapply 30 minutes before you go in the sun, every 2 hours, or every time you are in the water, towel off, or sweat! 

+ Always apply and reapply sunscreen while in the sun! If you tend to forget set a reminder on your phone to reapply lotion!


Do you have any at-home sunburn remedies? Tell us in the comments below!