DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Now that April showers are finally bringing May flowers, why not celebrate by nurturing your very own herb garden? Put your green thumb to the test and save on trips to the farmer’s market by cultivating herbs right in your own home. Planting herbs in mason jars makes for an adorable decoration that’s eco-friendly and space-conscious (I’m looking at you, New York apartment-owners!). Not to mention your food will taste delicious and you’ll feel extra proud that you grew everything yourself.

Here are some HERBS that will work perfectly for your DIY garden:


Image via flickr/cookbookman

Easy to grow, and perfect for your stews, marinades, and eggs.



Image via flickr/maureendidde

Happily grows in sunny spots, delicious with pizza or a salad! Oregano leaves go very well with tomatoes or meat or even eggplant.



Image via flickr/alicehenneman

Grows best in July and August. A perfect addition to Italian or Mediterranean dishes--hello natural pesto!



Image via flickr/wcowperthwaite

Cilantro fans can celebrate: chopped cilantro is delicious with just about anything and is a great source of potassium.



Image via flickr/libraryman

Purple chive flowers are beautiful and edible—try sprinkling fresh blossoms on your next salad.



Image via flickr/mapper-montag

Choose spring onions with firm clean bulbs and bright green leaves. With so many varieties, you’ll have a range of flavors to choose from with your easy-to-grow onions.



Image via flickr/chiotsrun

With its lovely aroma, rosemary is great when paired with protein (meats and beans). 



Image via flickr/enjosmith

Parsley goes with just about everything; its fresh flavor makes it a favorite companion to salads, soups, and marinades!



Image via flickr/ygorisaja

Imagine spending a rainy evening drinking homegrown mint tea. Or perhaps your own mojito? 



1. Mason Jars - Either stack them along your windowsill or build a display to hang on the wall. Try this set of 4! 

2. Potting Soil - Remember, you’re feeding your food. Espoma’s potting soil is organic! 

3. Seeds - Chia offers packets of almost every herb you could want.  

4. Water - Tell me this stackable watering can isn’t the cutest thing ever! 

5. Trowel - You might not need all the tools, but just the trowel is reason enough to invest in this adorable gardening set.


Don’t forget your plant needs three main things: sun, water, and space. Make sure you find the right amount of each for your herbs—you don’t want to drown your garden and add another name to the list of “House Plants I Couldn’t Keep Alive…”


What are some of your favorite homegrown herbs? Have any tips on how to keep your garden thriving? Share with us in the comments below!