DIY: Lego Toddler Costume

DIY: Lego Toddler Costume

Here's how to make a Lego costume for toddlers. 

Spending a ton of money on toddler anything, especially Halloween costumes that they'll only wear once, doesn't make the most sense to us. That's one reason why we love this super cute DIY Lego costume for toddlers. And the other reason: it's completely doable. So here's how to make a lego costume that's affordable, easy and adorable to boo-t. 

DIY Lego Costume

Here's what you'll need:

Used box (Perfect for all those extra diaper boxes every parent has!)

Spray paint lids (9 for a Lego, 5 for a Duplo)

Duct tape


Spray paint

DIY Lego Costume

Start by cutting out one end, so their bodies can fit through. Cut a hole in the opposite side for their head. I cut the hole a bit larger than necessary, so I could line the shoulder sides with duct tape. This makes it a bit softer and comfier on their little bodies. Cut out the arm holes and seal any flaps. I also put duct tape on every hole so it wouldn’t catch on their clothes or skin.

Now you’ve got the base complete. (Give yourself a round of applause! Yay, you!) Trace the spray paint lids where you’d like them on the box (2 columns of 3 for the Lego and a square 4 for the Duplo). Cut just inside the lines, so the spray paint lid will fit snugly. For the Lego block, place the spray paint lids with the top on the outside and secure inside with duct tape. (The duct tape is more of a precautionary measure. My lids fit tightly enough that the duct tape wasn’t really necessary.) For the Duplo block, flip the lid so the top goes inside the box. Then place a cardboard circle that you cut out from the box into the lid to create the look of a Duplo!

For the back, do the same thing as the front. Trace the lids, cut out holes. Place 3 down the middle for the Lego and just one in the middle for the Duplo. Place the top of the spray paint lid in first and push the lid all the way into the box. Secure inside with duct tape. (This side needs the duct tape as their little bodies will be pushing on these lids.

DIY Lego Costume

Now all that’s left is the painting! Pick any color your imagination can dream of (or your little one requests) and paint the box! Once dry, you can decorate as you wish! Lego blocks have the word ‘LEGO’ on each knob. Duplo blocks have no writing, but often have eyes on the sides. Be creative!

DIY Lego Costume


Will you be crafting up this DIY Lego costume? What are some of your favorite DIY Costumes from Halloweens-gone-by? Share your photos in the comments! 

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