These Disney-Inspired Beauty Products are Perfect for the Kid at Heart

Because we're never too old for Disney 🏰👸🏻

Whether you're obsessed with intellectual princesses like Belle or enjoy the classics like Minnie Mouse, there is always room to add some Disney magic into your life. But what if I told you your favorite Disney characters can now help you slay your beauty routine? Yes, you heard right! ASOS, the millennial retail store, is currently carrying a series of Disney-theme products designed to do wonder to your skin and hair. Created by Mad Beauty, these sheet masks are packed with skin-loving ingredient that turn your skin from "dull" to "fab" in just minutes. Of course, the Disney collection is not limited to just skincare products. Now, your hair can also get the royal treatment thanks to the nourishing hair masks that condition and hydrate your mane for healthy-looking locks. 

Add a touch of Disney magic to your routine with these 12 beauty products inspired by your favorite movie characters. From Ariel-themed hair masks that treat your post-beach mane to honey eye patches that earned Pooh Bear's seal of approval, these adorable products are perfect for the kid at heart. 

Who was your favorite Disney character growing up? Let us know in the comments below! 

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