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Kaila R.
ByKaila R.

Through the years we’ve seen and experimented with a variety of eyebrow trends, from the super-thin brows of the ’90s to the ultra sculpted Instagram brows. With the evolution of makeup and trends, we now know brows are not meant to be trendy...they’re meant to fit you and be timeless! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills has all your go-to products to create the ultimate boss brow with just three steps. Keep reading to learn all the tips and tricks from ABH to get your perfect brow.

Step 1:  The Golden Ratio

What is the Golden Ratio? It’s Anastasia Beverly Hills’ patented method for achieving the perfect brow, unique to each individual. 

Find your perfect brow shape using Anastasia’s patented Golden Ratio® Method. Here’s how:

  1. Start at the beginning of your brow and align the brow brush vertically from the center of the nostril upward and mark the starting point of your brow with your favorite Anastasia Brow product.
  2. Place the brush on the bottom outside corner of the nostril and align it with the outside corner of the eye. Mark the ending point of the brow.
  3. Look straight ahead, and place the brush on the center of the tip of your nose, align it with the center of your iris and mark point.


Once you mark your Golden Ratio, you can choose your brow stencil. Each eyebrow stencil shape is designed to help you achieve perfectly balanced, symmetrical brows every time you shape and fill your brows.

Find your perfect stencil:

  1. Hold each stencil up to your brow, aligning the stencil’s guide marks with the three points of your brow and the top row of your brow’s hair. 
  2. Make sure the stencil you select fits your brow length from the front of your brow to the arch. 
  3. Be sure to choose the stencil that allows the most of your natural brow hair through the cutout without leaving too much exposed skin. 

Step 2: Finding your perfect shade

After finding your perfect brow shape, head to the ABH shade finder to get your perfect brow color.

Step 3: Anastasia’s Signature Brow Journey 

Time to check “Find perfect brow shape” and “Find perfect shade” off your brow journey to-do list. Now the only thing left to do is slay those brow! What look are you looking for? Check out these pro-tips from ABH on how to achieve your ideal look

Are you looking for a Natural & Polished Brow Journey?

Makeup bag must-haves: Brow Definer, Brow Wiz®, and Clear Brow Gel

STEP 1: Fill in with Brow Definer


STEP 2: Detail with Brow Wiz®

PRO TIP: Choose a shade that best matches your natural hair color for both step 1 and 2. You can use the ABH shade finder

 STEP 3: Finish off your brow with the Clear Brow Gel


Want to take Feathered & Refined Brow Journey?

Makeup bag must-haves: DIPBROW® Gel, Brow Wiz, Tinted Brow Gel

STEP 1: Fill in with DIPBROW® Gel

PRO TIP: Before applying DIPBROW® Gel, wipe off excess product from the applicator.

STEP 2: Detail with Brow Wiz 

PRO TIP: Choose a shade that best matches your natural hair color.

 STEP 3: Finish with Tinted Brow Gel


Want to slay the Soft & Structured Brow Journey?

Makeup bag must-haves: Brow Powder Duo + Brush 7B, Brow Definer and Clear Brow Gel

STEP 1: Fill with the Brow Powder Duo + Brush 7B

 Be sure to apply lighter shade towards the front of the brow and deeper shade from arch to tail.

PRO TIP: Prep brows with Brow Primer prior to your Brow Powder Duo application to adhere the powder and keep it in place.

 STEP 2: Detail with Brow Definer


PRO TIP: Choose a shade that best matches your natural hair color.

STEP 3: Finish with Clear Brow Gel

We can’t wait to see which brow journey you choose!

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