This is the Fanciest Car Air Freshener You'll Ever See

This isn't a little pine tree hanging from your rear view mirror.

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

In today's latest unnecessary but insanely desirable product news, one of our favorite fragrance brands is expanding into territory that we definitely did not see coming. You might know diptyque for their luxury candles, home diffusers, and fragrances, but now you'll know them for their car air fresheners.

Yep, diptyque announced that they're launching a car air diffuser to make your morning commute extra fancy. The new Un Air De diptyque car diffuser is the first luxury car diffuser on the market. It's designed to release fragrance immediately via "highly perfume concentrated beads." So, you simply stick it in your car's air vent and let it do it's magic.

Un Air De diptyque
Courtesy diptyque

And magic it is. In open air, an insert will last you about three months, while an unopened insert can last for 18 months. Right now, the scents diptyque is offering are some of the brand's classic scents: Ambre, Baies, Figuier, Roses, Fleur d'oranger, Gingembre, and 34.

Need help deciding which scent is right for your ride? See what Influensters are saying about some of diptyque's classic scents.

Praise for roses:

"I'm a sucker for anything rose scented so I love how Diptyque's perfume bases allow for a clean rose scent to come through rather than the fakey rose prominent in other candles. Very romantic and the perfect addition to any space. You don't even have to light the candle to enjoy it's subtle fragrance."

—Ashley S. 

Praise for Figuier:

"This candle smells like figs in Southern France during the summer. Sweet, refreshing and pretty. It will make your home smell like summer in Provence. A chic alternative to pedestrian room fresheners. Not cheap, but very long lasting and value for money."

—Jamilla C.

Praise for Baies:

"Baies lived up to the hype for me. Baies is a mellow yet complex rose fragrance that smells wonderful even when the candle isn't burning. The throw is very good--it can scent the entire downstairs floor of my home despite its small size. The glass jar is completely gorgeous and makes a fabulous container for makeup brushes or other knick knacks once the candle is used up. Highly recommend!"

Christianne R.

You can shop Un Air de diptyque for $60 (definitely the nicest car accessory we've seen!) at diptyque boutiques and

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