Save Summer Skin With This Dickinson's Witch Hazel VoxBox

We can't believe it's not magic...

Even though the product is called Dickinson's Witch Hazel, this stuff isn't the stuff of fairy tale magic. It's powered by natural ingredients and science to get the job done. Not familiar with the wonders of witch hazel? It boasts a number of skin-saving benefits. It's anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and reduces skin irritation. In fact, it's the natural astringent that powers most of Dickinson's product. What's more, Dickinson's certified-organic witch hazel is hand-harvested from New England and is distilled through a sustainable process to ensure quality.

We're excited to be partnering with Dickinson's to give some lucky Influensters this Dickinson's VoxBox. If you're in it, here's a sneak peek of what you may be receiving. If not, click here to learn more about our VoxBox program.


Courtesy of Yana S.


This pore perfecting toner is 100 percent witch hazel and cleanses, tones, and refreshes your skin. Use it after your regular cleanser and before makeup for the best results.

Close your eyes and get ready to feel rejuvenated with the Refreshingly Clean Facial Mist. You can use this mist even over makeup.


Courtesy of Davi H.


What sets this Deep Cleansing Astringent apart is the menthol and eucalyptus used to extract the hard-to-get dirt in your dermis. If you have clogged pores, this product is for you.



If you're looking for an easier application, these exfoliating pads allow you to grab and go! They're perfect for after a night out when you're feeling lazy but don't want to wake up with those build-up blemishes.


Courtesy of Kimberly J.


If you're anything like us, toners can be super drying—especially if you already have dry skin. That's when Dickinson's Hydrating Toner comes in to save the day to help you stay blemish-free and moisturized.



And if your skin is looking dry during the day or cakey after makeup, top it off with this hydrating facial mist. The hyaluronic acid and vitamin E will help keep your skin looking smooth and even.


Are you excited to try a skincare regimen with less harsh chemicals? Let us know in the comments below!