DevaCurl's DevaFuser Looks Really Crazy But We're Into It

So weird, but so necessary.

If you're a part of the curly club, you likely struggle with maintaining your coils. Even just finding the right tools can often feel like a full-time grind. But, you know us, we live for products that work wonders. It's even better when our Influensters basically do the research for us. So when we saw that reviewers were raving over this one crazy-looking product, we had to dig deeper.

Here's DevaCurl's DevaFuser Dryer–the most alien-esque blowdryer that'll probably end up being the only one you'll ever need again.


Fun fact–the DevaCurl DevaFuser Dryer is the first dryer and diffuser created specifically for curly and wavy hair. Whoa. This bad boy may look like a goblin's hand, but the concept is actually genius. The five-pronged attachment allows you to really get to the roots, thus drying your hair thoroughly and effectively. It's made to give you softer, shinier, and frizz-free curls. Oh, and the universal attachment will work on any blowdryer you already have. 

Curly-haired gals are going crazy over it. Here's what they're saying: 


You can pick up the DevaFuser Dryer at Sephora for $159. Already have a blow dryer? No prob, just get the attachment for $50!

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