Dark Magic Doll Halloween Makeup DIY

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Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

If you just love all things scary and spooky and have a skilled hand when it comes to makeup then Halloween is your time to shine. Get a little costume inspo for your next virtual Halloween party courtesy of NYX and the super talented Mimi Choi, professional makeup artist and creative illusionist. 



Dark Magic Doll Halloween Makeup DIY: 


For the main stitch down the center of the face:

1. Create an even foundation base on the skin, and matte the skin using High Definition Finishing Powder in Translucent.


2. Outline the shape of the split and shade the inside of it with Ultimate Shadow Palette in Phoenix and highlight the edges with Can't Stop Won't Stop Concealer.


3. Add the eyelets and paint the laces with Epic Wear Liner in Black and highlight them with Epic Wear Liner in White.


For the additional stitches:

Use Epic Wear Liner in Black to create a crisscross pattern over the eyebrows, eyelids and mouth. 


For the buttons:

1. Draw a circle over the eye and fill it in with the black shade from the SFX Palette in Primary. Use the white shade of the palette to create the button details.


2. Use the blue shade from the SFX Palette in Primary to create the button on the cheek and add button details using the white shade of the palette. 


3. Use the red, black, and white shades from the SFX Palette in Primary to create the pin, string, and lip shade.



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