Currently Craving: Homemade Banana Bread

Currently Craving: Homemade Banana Bread

At my first "real" job in Chicago I had a sweet co-worker who used to bring in a loaf of homemade chocolate chip banana bread every week. I ate my weight in banana bread and I haven't really craved it for a few years - until now. Sooo I took the lazy girl route and bought some mix and made muffins. They were decent, but now I'm determined to bake up something less processed and homemade. Here are a few from-scratch recipes I would love to try:

Banana Bread Recipes

pineapple banana bread

oatmeal banana nut bread

banana nutella muffins

banana bread with walnuts

apple cinnamon banana nut muffins

skinny banana chocolate chip muffins

What is your favorite thing to mix in with banana bread? Comment below!

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