Creepy Eyeball Ice Cubes

Creepy Eyeball Ice Cubes

A perfect addition to any Halloween punch recipe, these creepy eyeball ice cubes feature candy gummies that are sure to frighten even the most ghoulish of guests. They are simple to make & can be flavored for any punch recipe you plan to whip up at your spooky event.

gummy candy eyeballs (I found these at Target)
fruit punch
ice cube trays

1. Fill your ice cube trays with fruit punch.
2. Add in two to three eyeballs per cube for maximum effect.
3. Place in freezer & do not remove until ready to serve to your guests.

I love to make these creepy cubes in a fruit punch flavor & serve in a glass of lemon lime pop so that as they melt, they, "bleed," into my beverage. It just adds an extra Halloween factor to a fun refreshment.

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