Creative Baking with Country Crock®

Creative Baking with Country Crock®

Do you ever notice how excited your kids get when you mention sweets? Have you seen their faces light up at the thought of warm, delicious cookies baked from scratch? Then this is THE recipe for you! At Influenster, we like to see baking with your kids as an opportunity to re-connect, spend some quality time, and for your little ones to express themselves! We think you CAN keep baking simple and fun, all the while including your kiddies! 


Cue the Make It Yours™ Cookie Recipe from Country Crock®!

Country Crock Make It Yours Recipe Card

The #MakeItYours™ Challenge: Mix Up A Classic!

Everyone loves a classic chocolate chip cookie, but now it's time to make it yours! What kinds of crazy combinations do you think your family can come up with? Try the Make It Yours™ Cookie Recipe, chocolate chips, and one surprise ingredient! Document the experience to share your recipes and fun moments on social using the hashtags #MakeItYours and #spon, and tagging @Influenster.

Need a little bit more inspiration?! Check out the delicious cookies one family has created with the Make It Yours™ Cookie Recipe, then share it with your friends and family, too! 


1. Think outside the box: Let your little ones' imaginations run wild, there's no telling what they will come up with!

2. Don't be afraid of the mess: When it comes to baking with your family, making a mess is half the fun! Try not to hold your creativity back by worrying about the clean up time after. Plus, you can always make clean up a fun game for your kids.

3. Be sure to #MakeItYours: Think about what special tastes, traditions, and ingredients are unique to your family. Try and incorporate as many of those as you can in  your recipe!

4. Start a little friendly competition: Share this video with other families who are looking to mix things up! Challenge them to a cookie-off to see who can come up with the most creative, and delicious, cookie!

So, try your best at making an AMAZING cookie recipe using Country Crock® and we'll choose a few of our favorites and re-share them on social! If you have used Country Crock® in your cooking adventures, make sure to leave a review on!


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