CottageCore Makeup for the Fall

Just pretty and simple for fall 

If the cooler air and autumnal colors have you dreaming of retreating to Kate Winslet’s English countryside home and throwing some warm boots and an extra large cardigan over your prairie dress, you’re not alone! CottageCore has been a huge trend of the summer, and now we’re here to help you transition it into the next season.

What is CottageCore? 

Nap dresses, eyelet lace trim, florals, pastels, anything that looks like it has come from a Laura Ashley catalouge or your copy of Anne of Green Gables would be considered CottageCore. TikTok definitely helped give this aesthetic a boost, and it’s no wonder that in the summer of 2020, where all we really wanted was a little comfort, it took off. My personal favorite design mood is shabby chic and I’ve never met a floral I didn’t like, so I’m delighted that this is now en vogue.

Once you’ve nailed down the clothing, and accessories, there’s still another question: what is the CottageCore makeup look? The real answer is there’s two different ways you can take it, and both are really fun, and really perfect for the fall.

No Makeup- Makeup (With a Twist) 

Fresh faced, dewy, and looking your “Glossier” best, is definitely the first, more traditional approach to CottageCore beauty. You're going to want to start with your skincare, and make sure your skin is as hydrated as possible, which is more important than ever in the fall. You’re going to want to create a fresh, hydrated, glow, but you’re not necessarily going to want to create a heavy base. You want to let your freckles show, and you don’t want to be wearing anything too intense. If you feel comfortable, maybe even go without foundation, just use a little primer or a face spray.

You’re going to want to use a little more blush than you think is necessary. Think Liv Tyler in Lord of the Rings, or someone who has just been running around Wuthering Heights and has a natural flush. This is the perfect time to play around with a liquid blush for maximum impact. You don’t want it to be too blended in, you want to have visibly rosy cheeks.

Photo Credit: Sarah A.

Brows and bronzer are next. You want these to both look natural, so don’t shape your brows or make them look too manicured, and pop a little bronzer on where the sun would naturally hit your face—no contouring! Finish it up with some shiny, natural gloss or tinted lip balm, and you’re all set.

Fantasy Inspired
The second way to create a CottageCore makeup look is to get a little more out there and creative. Whether it’s adding some fake freckles, elf ears, super long princessy lashes, or painting flowers and clouds on your face, the sky's the limit. You don’t want to do anything that seems too polished, you want this to look homemade and a little loose. Popular trends include doing eye shadow in two complimentary colors, or creating patterns on your face. The key is to use a soft, pretty color palette with hues that are found in nature, and to not be too precise about it.

Are you into the CottageCore makeup look as much as we are? Let us know in the comments! And review your favorite products that help you get the look today. 

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