Shop This K-Beauty Mega Kit at the Most Unlikely Place

Prayers. Answered.

ByCaitlin M.

Whether you count yourself as an expert or have been looking to dabble into the world of K-Beauty skincare, gathering up all of the products you need to form a fully-fledged K-Beauty can be quite the undertaking. Let's be honest, when a 12-step beauty routine has become the norm, juggling essences, toners, ampoules, and the like can err on the side of stressful. But, no longer do you have to turn to the depths of the Internet to sift through brands. You can now get an entire routine of products in one package, thanks to K-Beauty startup Umma.

With the newly curated Case Full of Seoul, skincare addicts get some top brands in the world of K-Beauty and every product you need to craft the perfect multi-step routine. The kit even comes with detailed instructions to help even the most beginner master a K-Beauty-style regimen. Plus, the kit looks like an adorable suitcase!

case full of seoul

As far as what's inside, well, it's a bit of everything. There are better-known classics like: May Coop Raw Sauce9wishes Rice Foaming Cleanser, and Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer. As if that wasn't enough, the deal is pretty sweet knowing these are full-size products. See the entire 11-piece collection below:

umma Case Full of Seoul

If you take a closer look inside, you see a very detailed outline of which products to use and when. Each product is housed in a little numbered "cubby" to take the guesswork out of ordering. Really, though. This might be the easiest way to master a 12-step routine, amirite?

Case Full of Seoul

Although this kit does come with a bit of a price tag ($149.99), remember you're getting an entire skincare routine. (And, you don't have to wander into Sephora only to wander out in a cold sweat.) But here's the catch. You'll never guess where you can scoop this up. Costco, anyone?! Yep, you can shop this entire Case Full of Seoul kit at, no membership required. Who knew Costco would take the place of a trip to Korea?

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