Creator Jewel Weah Drops Gems on Being Your Authentic Self & Mental Health

“Be intentional about creating space for what you desire in your life.”

Mika R.
ByMika R.

It’s no secret that we love a chance to sit down and chat with some of the many lovely creators who have curated inspiring content to help uplift our community of Influensters. They also inspire us to work every day to be our very best selves. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing Dallas-based Blogger and Licensed Psychotherapist, Jewel Weah. With a name so fitting, Jewel is no stranger to dropping gems regarding mental health, style & beauty, and authentic content to reflect oneself. 

We talked with with Jewel about everything from the best SPF to use anytime of the year to the importance of creating boundaries and putting your mental health first. 

What drew you toward being an Influencer? 

I started my blog out of my love for fashion and style in my final year of graduate school as a passion project. I enjoyed photography and writing; I still do. Back before Instagram was a thing, I enjoyed connecting with other bloggers by commenting on their blogs and vice versa and building authentic relationships. Now that social media is what it is today, it has absolutely enhanced the ability to connect with other like-minded content creators.

As a licensed therapist, what are some tips that you can share regarding taking care of one’s mental health?

One of my tips would be creating helpful conditions. Being intentional about creating space for what you desire in your life.  If you want peace in your life, how are you cultivating peace? It helps to set better boundaries to ensure there’s less stress, and anxiety. Gravitate towards things and people that bring peace and calm into your space. If you are working on better sleep habits, reflecting on the conditions you’re creating to get the results you desire. 

There’s so much growth that can occur when we take time to truly reflect on what’s working, what’s not working, what it would look like if things worked the way we wanted it to be, and what would have to happen for those desires to come to pass. Utilizing support is a pivotal aspect in navigating our mental health. I hear client’s say sometimes “I don’t want to burden people” or “people have their own struggles.” While those are all valid points, I find that people are more willing to show up and support than we may think. 

From your experience, what is the biggest hurdle people face when exploring the possibility of entering therapy?

Before, I would’ve said access, but I think now it’s more so affordability (which I suppose could also be related to access). If an individual does not have health insurance, that can present a hurdle. Perhaps they have health insurance, but their plan is a high deductible plan, that can also present a hurdle especially if a person does not have unlimited financial resources to cover the costs of therapy. 

Some providers like myself offer a sliding scale fee to accommodate clients in financial difficulties. There are platforms such as Better Help, and Open Path, etc. that provide therapy at an affordable rate. Insurance companies also provide their members with assistance which allows them a certain amount of therapy sessions at no cost.

How do you manage your time as a blogger and Licensed therapist?

It is a big beautiful and sometimes complicated blend of scheduling— I have come to appreciate my planners. I’ve learned that you do not find balance, you have to create it in a way that works for your life. Where you are spending time, you are also neglecting another space. Prioritizing has become a must for me. I love my digital and paper calendars. I’ve also found that my followers are also very much into mental wellness, and it has been amazing to connect with them in that way. 

What brands are you really loving right now and why? 

Sunscreen is my favorite product ever! I am a huge fan of EltaMD and Supergoop! Retinol is also my jam. I moved from Minneapolis to Dallas in 2019 and the sun here in Texas hits completely different. I’ve come to appreciate SPF even more. I’ve been loving the Sunday Riley Power Couple for a few years now, and it’s just so good.  

Do you have any beginner-friendly tips for aspiring content creators?

Create what you love and don’t focus much on what others are doing or trying to keep up with “the Joneses.” Instagram has come a long way. I love using stories; I find that it can be a great way to connect with your audience by asking engaging questions, using polls and the amazing tools that Instagram has at our disposal. I like to think about my content as my resume. Brands and other content creators see the work you’re putting out, and you never know what opportunity or relationship building could arise from creating authentic content.

What are two products that you're reaching for regularly this season? 

I cut my hair during the pandemic because long curly hair was a tad more work than I wanted to invest my time in. Since then, I’ve been obsessing over headbands. I love that they are making a comeback. My favorite is Lele Sadoughi’s headbands. I have a slight obsession as my headband collection keeps growing. 

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