Content Creator Ashley Shannet is The Definition of Women Supporting Women

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Kortney K.
ByKortney K.

In honor of Black History Month, we’re highlighting some of the many talented Black content creators we’ve partnered with on Influenster campaigns. The creators featured in this series exemplify the kind of creative, high-level content we look for in our campaigns. They’ve built their followings and communities with their unique voices, product insights, and authenticity. We hope learning more about them and the work they do will inspire you to do the same.

Dallas-native Ashley Shannet is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle guru who believes you can shop on a budget to look and feel amazing. She started sharing her life on YouTube and is now an Instagram name and face. Here's her story: 

Tell us about your path to becoming a content creator:

It’s truly amazing looking back on my how my journey began. I would get so many compliments on my hair and style when I would go out, at that time Youtube was not a big thing, however there was a small community for black women on the platform. I then decided I too would share information about the things I was being complimented on via YouTube, that way people could get all the information they wanted from me in one spot and maybe I could help someone like the other women I had watched helped me. At that time I was just beginning my journey as a flight attendant and moved to Miami, I knew no one there, so I would come to my YouTube family and just film different things from tutorials, travel vlogs and monthly favorites. Now my passion has grown into this wonderful job, though my biggest following is Instagram @AshleyShannet.


I saw your pandemic wedding featured on GMA - (major props to your planner) - what advice can you give to fellow brides who are planning a wedding during COVID?

I truly still can’t believe my husband and I won a wedding! When COVID hit we both were furloughed and didn’t know how we could afford the dream wedding we had planned, but then Jewel Odeyemi came along. She was like my angel! She was doing a giveaway for couples who had been affected by COVID and we won. Last year was one of the hardest years for many people due to the pandemic, it felt really weird worrying about a wedding in the midst of it, but every bride still deserves her day. The most important thing is your love for one another, that is what your wedding is for. You may have to downsize or take other precautions but that doesn’t make your day any less valid. Your day will be still amazing and beautiful, and will mean so much more. We don’t know when this will all be over, but you know your love for one to all my COVID brides, I say go for it!


What black-owned brands, companies, and/or founders inspire you?

Wow, there are so many black-owned brands and founders that inspire me and I’m so happy more black-owned brands are being discovered! There seems to be this notion however that people have to go out and search for the black-owned business and the truth is they don’t, there’s black businesses everywhere. I love black beauty brands Juvias Place and Beauty Bakerie, they both came into beauty market with unique products and they always think outside the box when it comes to innovation. I also love: Alaffia, Soutanicals, Black Girl SunscreenPlant Apothecary, and numerous others.


As a content creator, what advice would you give brands on how they could be better allies for the black community?

The black community is an open book, if you just take the time to listen to us and our wants and needs, you will win. The black community has a large buying power, however many brands neglect the needs that POC have. A lot of the times I ask if there are POC on the team when concepts for products are being drawn, if not get them there and listen to them and their opinions. Lastly, stop working and supporting celebrities or Influencers who use racist rhetoric against black people, we are not blind and we know who shows support and who doesn’t .


Your Boujee On A Budget YouTube series is awesome. What advice would you give to someone shopping on a budget?


The best advice I can give is affordable doesn’t always mean bad quality. You can always look extremely well put together and luxurious while still saving money in your pocket. The women in my family didn’t have much back in the day, however I was always mesmerized at how expensive they looked, I guess I picked up on that and realized affordable doesn’t equal looking cheap. 


On that note, what three products are you loving right now?

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask 

Dark and Lovely Fade Resistant Rich Conditioning Color, No. 378, Honey Blonde

NYX The Brow Glue Instant Brow Styler 


What are some of your favorite Black History moments/facts that you wished were talked about more frequently?

One of my favorite moments in Black History is Barack Obama becoming President . At that time I was in college at Prairie View A&M University at HBCU near Houston, TX. We all went and voted together, and the night the announcement was made that he was President the WHOLE university came out of our dorms and just had a celebration, we were so happy. It was total bliss, we got to see the first black President, and I got to celebrate it at HBCU, it was one the best moments.


We still need to talk about the prosecution of Breonna Taylors murderers. The way that trial went was absolutely disheartening .


Your sense of style is so bold and unique. What people, things or experiences have influenced your fashion sense over the years?

I think my style was heavily influenced on finding things that fit my body type, because I’m 5’9. Tall woman are often neglected when it would come to finding a great fit, especially when it came to jeans. I truly dress for myself and wear what makes me feel sexy or comfortable that day. I like trendy and unique pieces, I love putting things together and I love the element of getting dressed up and putting on make up. I love being a woman and I think that alone sums up my style.


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