Commuter Tales: How To Pack Lunch

Welcome to our brand new series: Commuter Tales. We're giving you an inside look at how we at Influenster deal with the #struggles of commuter life. Keep calm and read on for some tips, tricks, and products to keep your day as smooth as your ride (as long as there are no delays). 

Every commuter (even those who live near their work) understands the battle of figuring out how and what to pack for lunch. A veteran commuter myself, I've compiled a few things to note while prepping for that hungry hour. 

The Plan

Map out a few things you want to eat for the week ahead. Having a schedule takes away the stress of choosing what to eat each day—you get what you get and you don't get upset (especially since you picked it). I like to buy a big box of spinach to serve as a base or side for anything (and, it has a ton of nutritious value). On top of that, I layer my favorite veggies, a chicken breast, and some citrus tea bags




You call them Sundays, I call them meal prep days. To make things easy for myself, I roast all of the chicken I've purchased at once with just salt, pepper, rosemary, and olive oil.

While the chicken roasts, I go ahead and chop, chop, chop my veggies with the help of my favorite cooking knives. My go-to's are sweet potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, avocados, onions, and peppers. I sauteè the zucchini, onions, and peppers, roast the cubed sweet potatoes and keep the tomatoes and avocados raw.

Finally, I brew a refreshing pitcher of citrus tea to keep in the fridge. Sometimes I'll pack an on-the-go tea, other times I'll enjoy a glass when I get home later that day. 


I put the chicken breasts I've roasted in individual plastic bags and freeze them, leaving one or two out for Monday and Tuesday. Tip: freezing is key to preserving freshness—switch a bag out of the freezer and into the fridge each night so it's not rock-hard the next day. Depending on the size and quantity of each veggie, I store them in one of these glass containers. The tea stays fresh in this plastic pitcher.


Now that everything is made and ready to eat, it's time to focus on transport. Who prefers a heavy bag over a light bag? No one, aside from maybe a fitness fanatic. For the rest of us, the lighter the better. A compact and plastic (lighter than glass) Rubbermaid LunchBlox is the solution to all lunch-transport related problems.

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What's your secret to packing lunch?