Commuter Tales: How To Dress According to the Weather

Welcome back to our series Commuter Tales, where you get an inside look at how we at Influenster deal with the #struggles of commuter life. Keep calm and read on for some tips, tricks, and products to keep your day as smooth as your ride (as long as there are no delays). 

This week, we're honing in on how to dress for the always unpredictable weather. It can be a burden to carry around a heavy bag full of so-called essentials, so let's be honest, we must plan strategically. My mantra when it comes to clothing is: l-a-y-e-r-s; you simply can't go wrong with them. 


For those who run cold:

Personally, I can't relate, but fellow Influensters stack on lightweight tees, sweaters, and even jean jackets on a cooler summer day. It also may be smart to rock closed-toed shoes instead of sandals. After all, our toes and fingers are usually the first to catch a chill. 

Neck Wrap

This Herbal Concepts HCCONO Organic Herbal Neck Wrap, $19.98 at Walmart, may be something good to keep in the office as well. Heat it up in the microwave and warm up in no time!


For those who run hot:

Now we're talking! I am a huge supporter of the summer scarf. When I'm on the train and subway, I open up my scarf as big as it goes and wrap up. I do this mostly to stay covered (and not bare too much skin!), as well as to prevent a chill. Another way to stay out of the sun and reduce sweat is to wear a sunhat! 


Evian Facial Spray, $9.99 at Walgreens, may help you cool down in times of intense overheating. Plus, the burst of water is sure to wake you up a bit! 


For those who are just right:

It's key to dress according to the outside temperature (or the temp inside your office). For the upper 80s and 90s, rock a flowy dress. For the 70s to 80s, pair pants and a short sleeve tee together. Anything below the 70s and you may want to bundle up with a sweater or lightweight jacket. 

And there you have it! Bottom line: Adjust to the weather with layers (or lack therof!) and invest in these products if you find yourself living on one of the extremes. 

What's your solution to staying a neutral temperature?