The Best Products to Master the Colorful Eye & Brow Trend

Amber is the color of your energy...or mascara.

ByCaitlin M.

It used to be that the main source of experimentation for makeup lovers came with a bold swipe of lipstick. Then we progressed to louder and prouder eyeshadow and eyeliner shades to get that color fix. (We even saw rainbow highlighter have a moment in the spotlight a few summers back.) And now we're getting all kinds of color happy with the increasing trend among makeup junkies of colorful mascara and eyebrow makeup.

Now, colorful mascara is nothing crazy new—we've been applying Maybelline's Great Lash in Royal Blue for ages. But today's take on all things bold and bright span more than just a peep of blue lashes. We're talking metallics, pinks, and purples for both lashes—and brows. 

And as the trend becomes more and more the norm, the options to get the look increase in the beauty aisle. Some of our favorite brands—both department store and drugstore—have dropped some products designed to help any color-loving makeup addict master the lash and brow look.

Ready to see our picks you need to get the colorful mascara and brow look? Click on to shop!

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