Coffee in a Brew Bag? Taylor Fields of Nostalgia Coffee Will Have You Rethinking Pour-Over

A new way to take your coffee

Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

When we heard a coffee roaster was making coffee in a bag, we had to learn more. The convenience and portability of brew bags coupled with the high-quality taste of a boutique brand is too intriguing of an invention to pass up. So we reached out to Nostalgia Coffee Roasters founder Taylor Fields to get the scoop on what they're brewing up in California. 

Taylor, you were a CPA before you launched your coffee empire. What led to such a significant career change? 

A few things: My obsession with coffee, wanting to make a real and positive impact on the world, and to get the heck out of the office lifestyle!

You've gone from serving individual cups out of a coffee food truck in San Diego to nationwide online distribution. What have you learned about the coffee industry and entrepreneurship along the way? 

It’s not easy! I am still learning every day but the most important thing I have learned is to surround yourself with the best and brightest minds that don’t always agree with you! Bringing a diverse group together with various business backgrounds is the secret sauce to success!

My advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • 1st-- Don’t be afraid to just go for it
  • 2nd-- Be prepared for the wildest ride of your life
  • 3rd—You can’t and never will know everything, so surround yourself with people smarter than you in different subject areas and keep an open mind
  • 4th—Don’t expect a work/life balance for a long time if you truly want to succeed

What does sustainability mean to you and Nostalgia Coffee Roasters? 

Sustainability to us means ensuring we make it possible for not only our partners today but future generations to continue innovating and succeeding in all aspects of life. We live these values in literally everything we do. It starts by working directly with our farming partners around the world ensuring they use only sustainable farming practices. We work directly with the producers to determine a price that allows them to succeed and continue for future generations. In San Diego, we create a sustainable environment not just from the standpoint of having a minimal carbon footprint with our operation, but by ensuring that our team makes a sustainable wage in which they can enjoy life and have a fulfilling career journey.  

We have to ask, how do you like your coffee (and how do you prep it)? 

I only drink coffee black! Just a 10oz delicious hot cup of coffee is my happy place. If I have time, I will make a pour-over using a Kalita Wave. But, time is so limited these days that I use our innovative brew bags literally EVERY morning.

Yes! You just launched "Coffee in a Brew Bag" which sounds like an amazing idea. What's the secret to this new way of brewing? Any tips? 

We certainly have some trade secrets, but in short- we took a holistic approach to this revolutionary brew method. Coffee in a brew bag is not as simple to make as it is to enjoy! There is so much science behind what makes our brew bag taste like a pour-over. For example, we have literally designed our coffee entirely for the brew bag experience! We could spend hours talking about this but at a high level, it starts by sourcing a specific type of coffee, roasted a certain way, ground a specific size, and combined with other coffees to get the flavor extraction we are looking for.

Pro Tip: To create a stronger tasting coffee, use the hottest water possible, try dunking the heck out of the bag, and don’t use more than 10oz of water per bag!

What is your advice for people new to specialty coffee or looking to experiment with brewing techniques? 

Just have fun! Coffee is a crazy ever-expanding world! Start by trying to brew a pour-over and then just experiment, experiment, experiment! Also, I highly recommend you find a local specialty café and roaster and ask them questions every time you grab a cup of coffee!

What can companies like Influenster and individuals do to support and be better allies to business owners like you within the LGBTQIA+ community?

My biggest ask from companies like Influenster is to help highlight the fact that thousands of incredible large and small businesses are run and lead by LGBTQIA+ humans! It is not as uncommon as people think, we just need your help getting the word out there about all the amazing innovations we are behind!

How important are online reviews and customer feedback to the success of your product and business?

Customer feedback is everything to us! Yes, we innovate; but not for ourselves. Rather, we innovate for our customers and their wants, needs, and problems. Without customer feedback, innovation is futile.

Whether you are a K-cup fan, prefer to pour over at the perfect temperature, or are trying brew bags out, we want to see how you make your morning brews! Upload a pic to our #CozyCup Gallery. (Influenster app required to upload photos to galleries.) 

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