#CodeLikeAGirl Spotlight: Katherine Quigg

#CodeLikeAGirl Spotlight: Katherine Quigg

This year, we're introducing the Influenster #CodeLikeAGirl Scholarship in which we'll award $1,000 to five female students pursuing a degree in a technical field of study. Through this scholarship, we look not only to inspire the next generation of female coders, but to also celebrate women in the tech industry now! 

Meet engineer, Influenster, and fashion blogger, Katherine Quigg. This girl can do it ALL. To find out how she got into engineering, who she looks up to, & her favorite products...read on! 


Tell us about your job and what you do.

I am currently a Staff Engineer at American Institute of Steel Construction. I work in the technical assistance department assisting with questions on the AISC Steel construction manual and questions about structural steel in general. By night, I also write the fashion and lifestyle blog, Engineering In Style.


Why should women be encouraged to study and pursue a career in tech?

Technology is reshaping all of our lives, and it's where some of the best opportunities are. Because tech is so vastly male-dominated, I think it gives the women who enter the field a huge advantage. I also really believe that engineering is a great, sustainable, easy path to make a good living. College is hard work, but the ability to easily find a good job for the rest of your life makes it worthwhile.


What advice would you give to a girl who is interested in coding or another tech-focused career, but doesn't know how or where to start?

A great place to start coding is online courses. I know women who have built their own web development companies solely off of learning to code online. Even if you are interested in engineering, coding can be a great resource to have.

What are some of your favorite resources for learning new things about your field?

I'm lucky enough to work somewhere that makes the resources for civil and structural engineers to learn from, and I also work in a department with people who answer technical questions for a living. Not only do I learn from all my incredibly intelligent co-workers, but from all of the resources American Institute of Steel Construction has published over many years. I also love learning from my environment. I love walking by construction projects in the city and watching their process. It's one of my favorite walks at lunch to check out construction on the Chicago Riverwalk.


Which tech gadgets are your must-haves - the ones you simply cannot live without?

My iPhone...for sure! I have a severe Instagram addiction. I love my MacBook Air, but I'm not completely Mac adjusted yet, I still break out my PC for excel.


Are there any women in the tech field who you look up to? Who has inspired you recently?

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I think Sheryl Sandberg is a huge inspiration for having the guts to write Lean In and have a voice for women in general.


So, are you feeling inspired to #CodeLikeAGirl?! If you want to keep up with Katherine make sure to head to her blog! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to meet more inspiring women in tech! 

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