#CodeLikeAGirl Scholarship Winner: Kylie Dale

#CodeLikeAGirl Scholarship Winner: Kylie Dale

Meet one of our Influenster #CodeLikeAGirl Scholarship winners Kylie Dale! She is currently a junior pursuing a B.S. degree in Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder, who loves snowboarding and hiking. This girl has a passion for programming, particularly human-computer interaction, but if there's a chance to be outside that's definitely where you'll find her! Get inspired by her ideas, creativity, and all around epic-ness.


What app extension would you like to create and why?

I would add the ability to version control Spotify playlists. It's very popular right now to have a group of friends all adding songs to the same playlist, and because of that it can become a mess of a bunch of songs that you didn't add or that you don't like. However, my friends use it as a way to show each other songs that we may not know! Therefore, it would be helpful to be able to branch playlists from a certain point and merge only the songs you approve of into the playlist. It would be just like Git for Spotify!


If you could only listen to one playlist for the rest of your life, what would songs would be on it?

Any and all country music! You can never have enough Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, and Thomas Rhett.


How did you get hooked on computer science?

My AP Computer Science teacher from high school was very animated and made it exciting and fun to learn. Fifteen or so of us enjoyed the class so much that we created our own Android Development class for the next year, and the majority of us went on to pursue degrees in CS!


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Who’s your role model in the tech industry?

Sheryl Sandberg. I saw her speak at the Grace Hopper Conference in October and not only was she funny and inspiring, but she felt so strongly about women staying in the tech industry that she convinced me of how important it is as well. I have been lucky enough to never have personally experienced discrimination because of my gender in the field of Computer Science, but she made it clear that many people have, and that we are responsible as a community to support each other in achieving success in the tech industry. She has created a space for women in technology to come together, set goals, and be held accountable by a supportive group, and that is a fundamental part of feeling accepted and comfortable in this field of study.


What are your plans after you graduate?

The goal is to obtain a job where I can explore many different types of jobs in the Computer Science industry and maybe even have the ability to travel! I did not get the opportunity to study abroad, so I am hoping to find that opportunity with the company I work for.


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